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If you’re looking for a seven-seat SUV there’s a fair chance the Toyota Kluger would have been on your shopping list at some point – and with good reason. It’s stylish, well packaged, competitively priced and has dominated sales in its segment for ages.

But what if you want something newer – maybe a bit more stylish – with more modern features and a more technologically advanced engine? You could consider the new-generation Mazda CX-9. And while the Kluger is decently priced, the Mazda is quite a bit cheaper.

Not that either of these models are the budget-friendly variants of their respective ranges.

We assembled the two top-spec versions of these seven-seat, petrol-only family haulers – the 2016 Mazda CX-9 Azami AWD and 2016 Toyota Kluger Grande AWD, respectively – to see whether you should go with the one that has become a go-to option for families around the country, or if you should roll the dice with the new kid on the block.

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  1. is good to have male and female doing the drive test review given more details of comparison. I like the Klugar outsize look more better then CX9 too simplicity outlook like a helmet. But mazda tech is way better than Toyota old tech.. still using old touch screen and outdated apps. overall I still say mazda better than Toyota..

  2. Mazda is a dream I don’t know where were you driving but I just took 2200 kms long trip and my mileage was 8.2Lper 100 ks ….love my cx 9 and I am sold to Mazda forever

  3. Time 9:10 they are trying to look worst the room in the third row of the Highlander. It is not real since the combined legroom in the Highlander is 6 mm greater than that of the CX 9, please check the legroom left in the first row before the test.
    Sliding the others rows we can manage the space in the third one in both SUVs.

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