2017 Polaris Offroad Intro

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Luke’s in Montana getting a first hand look at all the new 2017 iron from Polaris.



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  1. Those are nice updates to the Sportsman. The racks needed updating for a long time as the old 850 and 1000 racks would break too easily. Hopefully for 2017 they also improved the quality.

  2. Why is everyone shit talking the Polaris vehicles…I had a ranger for 9 years and it NEVER had an issue.never caught on fire,plastic never warped,always started the only problem I had with it was I hit a wall really hard and the tire fell off…I was doing donuts in a narrow creek

    Edit:and it wasn't even Polaris's fault it was mine!i also flipped it once but that was also my fault

  3. Polaris should work to be more reliable instead of claiming being the most powerfull !!
    Polaris ATV doesn't worth for what you pay, that's it
    reliability = ZERO
    My Polaris Scrambler 850 XP 2013 broke down few weeks ago with only 3500 miles.
    Timing pulley slipped, It's a disaster inside, motor needs to be rebuild.

    Polaris France doesn't want to ear anything and ask 7000€ for repairs.

    I understand now why Yamaha's owners say :

    Whatever you go with a Yamaha Grizzly, you always come back.

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