ATV madness ride / Quad bikes offroad riding / highway to hell !!

Quad bikes madness ride – ATV offroad riding – highway to hell
Green Kawasaki kfx 450 / Orange Kawasaki kfx 400
Green LE Suzuki ltz 400 / Yellow Suzuki Z400

New video every saturday 🙂
Nowy film w kazda sobote 🙂




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  1. Those fourwheelers sound horrible. Although I also prefer Yamaha and Honda. Definitely not Kawasaki, but Suzuki I can stand
    Good video besides my biased opinion. Thanks y’all

  2. "Quad bikes" is a term no one should be using because it's an oxymoron. "Quad" meaning four and "Bikes" is a shorthand word for bicycles. "Bi" meaning two, "cycles" meaning rotations, referring to the item rotating… wheels (as in 2 wheeled vehicle). So when people stupidly say "quad bikes", they're saying a "four two wheeled vehicle" (which makes no sense), or "four two wheeled vehicles" ( 4 bicycles). So please… for the love of god, can everyone stop calling ATV's and 4 wheelers "quad bikes". It makes no f***ing sense! It would make more sense just calling them quadcycles.

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