ATV/UTV 4 wheeled Marlon Tub Trailer in action and review! PowerModz!



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  1. I recall Louie having an issue with the plug being too loose, he then put a bolt and washer though the plug to secure it in. Is the trailer still like that or was there another fix that took place off camera?

  2. Ya I have noticed in a few of his/your videos with that quad that its only 3 wheel drive. I think the front right driveshaft is broken Or the front diff is a little too open and not enough limited slip action.

  3. Louie..If the front axle isn't broke.. Change the Front Diff Fluid use the Polaris stuff. If it comes out looking shitty brown ,you may need seals. Also If you have slid the 4WD button to engage the front diff while  the backs are spinning pretty good (I know you would never do that LOL) there is a bearing cage that may have sustained some damage in the front diff …I do remember there used to be a metal bearing cage from another machine or company that worked much better….But first try the oil change as we had a similar prob and an oil change fixed it.

    Just looked…"Polaris metal Sprague Carrier" from SuperATV.com  Made from 6061 Aluminum

  4. Nice trailer. It needs limits on the walking axle so the tires don't hit the trailer. You also need a 3 axis hitch like the Rock and Roll hitch to get better articulation off road.

  5. I see that James Endicott says below that it is called a "Walking Beam Axle" … I have never seen it called that, but what it resembles to me, is a two wheeled bogie suspension like on a M4 Sherman Tank. Or even M5 Stuart Tank. This is VERY proven off-road Technology. This has been around since WWI and was HEAVILY used in WWII on Half Tracks, Tanks, and self propelled Artillery pieces as well as mobile anti aircraft guns. The Two wheeled bogie was great for not only is off road capabilities, but it's ease of repair. (Run over a mine, break a bogie wheel, unbolt the bogie from the side of the tank, mount a new bogie… 1 rigid bolt, and one pivoting bolt, and you are good to go. That is a REAL nice suspension set up for something like this. And probably the most proven tech available without getting into using shocks, dampeners and what not. The floating bogie runs on simple spring and cantalever tech. Awesome Trailer!!! Check out a few old tank videos. You'll see what im talking about……

  6. Y first tub trailer was a Marlon 700,it’s absolutely junk. I’ve seen those, they look pretty good. Bought a Boski ATV Wagon a few years ago, it’s good but would have been better with walking beam instead of the torsion bars. If I were to do it all over, I’d just build from scratch as they all cheap out here and there.

    BTW, time to upgrade your quads. ?

  7. What is with your fanaticism on safety? You have allowed your government to turn you into a soy boy. Please stop.
    Great review by the way.

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