TEST RIDE: 2016 Polaris Sportsman 450 HO EPS

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AJ evaluates the 2016 Polaris Sportsman 450 HO EPS.



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  1. i have a 14 400ho i love the machine its got the guts to go 55mph…eventually but its a great quad woth no problems as of yet anf has the low end grunt i need to plow the wettest snow mother nature can throw at us here in Wisconsin

  2. Thank yon for including Canadian prices. Before I kept thinking ATV's were cheap until I looked on the Canadian website and found out it was a lot more. I plan on buying a 570 EPS soon and it is the same just more HP so happy to hear you liked this one.

  3. I'll start off by saying I'm not a polaris fan at all. 2 years ago I bought a sportsman 1000xp and a sportsman 400h.o. for my fiancee Jessica. The 400ho has impressed me over and over again. it never breaks anything and it totally outdoes my 1000 in the mud. she runs 26 inch Silverback lites and I run 30 inch monstermsyhams on my 1000xp. we ride nearly every weekend year round trails and to the ice shack fishing and plowing snow in the winter. my honest opinion is if your not a high performance motocross background type rider that can really ride you'll never use a 1000s power. The 400ho has gone everywhere the 1000 does and more. it uses a little less fuel. the 400 is also a lot cheaper to insure. like 200 a year difference with a perfect clean drivers license. I agree totally with calling the new 450ho everyman s machine. The only thing I don't like about the 400ho is its not offered in a gurly colour like pink or something our wives would love. and when we bought ours powersteering wasn't a option. GET POWER STEERING SO YOUR WIFE CAN RIDE ALL DAY….. this way you don't have to listen to complaints of sore arms. Lol

  4. Ok I have the 2013 one with no eps and no efi and I love it has great get up and go for a 400 great in mud and sand really stable at high speeds and lower climbs most hills with no problem pulls hard and very plush u can hit some decent sized whoops at 30 and it just soaks it up and the front control arms are very strong (hit mine on a rock at 15-20 ish and threw the bike up in the air and just slightly tweaked it) the only things I don't like is no front a-arm racing around it has so much grip can't power slid easily and is sorta sluggish coming out of a corner can't think of anything else right now but forgot to mention it starts up better in the cold than a Suzuki 750 with efi and also has lots of ground clearance things u go slow on thinking u will hit u won't

  5. Proper review! I mean, if our Dad's, and us as kids used to DOMINATE the woods on Suzuki QuadRunners, then why do I need a 1000cc quad to go down the same damn trails?!? That 450 looks like a blast!!

  6. I definitely think Polaris is a high quality reliable machine but I never really cared for the awd as its just another part to break and/or give you problems on the trail. I think it would work great on dirt trails and what not but for thick mud or snow, since it only activates from slippage from the back two wheels, as soon as the back two wheels sink down and the quad stops moving, another two wheels to do the same thing isn't as efficient. where as if the had a 2wd high/ awd high/low and 4wd high low and diff lock, I think that would be better. yes it is a lot of options but other brands have 2wd and 4wd both with high/low.

  7. I bought one 3 months ago and I love it. rides like a Cadillac and will out run a 2015 400ex on a short run. easy to handle and pretty peppy tops out at 55. it has a speed limiter and feels like it could hit 60 easy.

  8. Ok guys it's not a 570, the block is the same yes but it's a 500, the 570 is a .040" overbore with more timing a slightly more fuel. They dropped the 500 name when the 570 came around so they could charge more. If you buy the '450' and send your ecm off for a tune it'll put out 44-45hp vs 44 on a factory 570 for less. Reason being the 570 has more internal piston friction because the tuned 570 only achieves 48hp with the same tuning. Funny how Polaris is making it a game to compete with Can am huh? Sadly I got the 570 because when I went to buy a bike they didn't have any 450 EPS models sadly….

  9. The 2016 version of the 450 has a lot of available HP to be unleashed with a simple reflash. The guys with the 2016 should look at the carb sticker. They’ll be pleasantly surprised to read the displacement. 🙂

  10. Great Video! AJ and Luke are on there A game. All the videos have led me to my decision for a Polaris I'm just wondering if the 570 is going to get me a lot more than the 450 thanks guys

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