TEST RIDE: Polaris General 1000

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Dirt Trax Television Co-Host Luke Lester evaluates the all-new and exciting Polaris General 1000 featuring A 100-horsepower engine, Fox QS3 shocks and DNA from both the Polaris Ranger and RZR.

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  1. If you are going to be picky, why not complain the horrible doors?  I would much rather have a hard plastic center console and doors that don't require slamming to latch and disassemble themselves instead of the simply terrible flimsy doors that designed for this unit.  I have looked at 4 different Generals, including a 2017 model and all of them require the door to be slammed to get it to latch and slamming them causes them to separate.

  2. I test drove the 2017 hunter edition and really liked the machine BUT the turning radius was horrible. That was the one issue that is keeping me from buying one. What is the rated turn radius on this machine, I can't find any specs on this.

  3. A lot of money using my funds for R&D are not what I call good ways of consumer retention. I have been a Polaris fan since I was 9 starting with snowmachines in Alaska. And with every advancement in wheeled toys I was amazed at how Polaris exceeded my expectations. But not when it comes to the "Razor" 1000 and the "General" 1000 transmissions obvious internal design flaws. Yes my background is mechanical in nature and have worked "CP" (Consumer Products) for 20 years. This review is to save some a lot of money and pressure Polaris to fix what ailed these two rigs since their conception on the computer screen to the machine shop. And that is the grossly inadequate single runner reverse chain and the lack of low enough gearing in the transmission in the first place. Until Polaris does an immediate about face and recall all of these trannys for upgrade and also make changes to the line to bring the under construction units up to speed, they will loose face with one of the largest recreational toy followings in US history. And it will cost them actual dollars in lost sales from the loss in a commonly over looked marketing necessity,,,TRUST.

  4. Any General owners hit whoops with it? Just wondering how it handles through them. I have a few different models of SxS I’m looking at and gathering information on.

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