Toddler Ride On UTV Side X Side with Rubber Tires at Big Toys Green Country

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Trail Cat Style 4×4 Ride on UTV 4 wheel drive side x side Ride on with Rubber Tires

Let the adventure begin for you child in their very own toddler size UTV side x side Style ride on vehicle. There are no limits when your child has 4WD and rubber tires for better traction. The S x S style vehicle also has a wide 24″ seat with custom matching leather seat inserts for 2 riders. This kids size UTV Side x Side also has a FM Radio and AUX/Mp3 Input so you can listen to music right from your own library. So, let them kickback in the nice leather seat, turn on all the cool lights, and enjoy the open trail while you have the peace of mind that you hold the remote control in your hands to stop or divert your little ones from potential danger. Or, if the child is not old enough to control the UTV dune buggy, the parent can use the remote control to drive the car and enjoy the fun of watching their little face light up.

This Ride on toddler UTV has a rear cargo bed just like the real ones so your toddler can haul all their favorite toys around. Some other cool features are Rear spring suspension for a softer ride, and RUBBER TIRES for a great grip on all terrain.



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