Fun with my Volvo XC70. Happy Holidays to All!

Had some fun in snow with my 2009 Volvo XC70 T6 69,000Km or 43,000Mi
Had DSTC on and off when climbing the small hill. The point was to have little momentum to climb it.
The tailgate module is available to purchase from
All the best in the new year!



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  1. hi, the p2 xc70 is on my radar, an im using a fwd car now. im using handbrake so much in snow/ice, not just fun, especially with reverse gear and skid the front wherever i want. its possible with haldex (p2 has manual handbrake)?

    i read a documant about vw haldex systems, says that whenever pull the handbrake haldex will be off (fwd mode), so i think its possible, in volvo is that same?

  2. Nice car, nice scenery except for the part where you jerk your car trying to get on top of that slope on countless attempts… You do not make justice to your car nor to your tires the way you approach that slope. Remove that part from your vid and you'll stand a chance at getting many more likes. Happy new year.

  3. ¡Gracias! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Saludos desde Costa Rica, Centroamérica. VOLVO FOR LIFE.

    Thank you! Happy New Year! Greetings from Costa Rica, Central America. VOLVO FOR LIFE.

    I am searching for a V70 Volvo, I am from Germany and I am not sure about the engine I should choose. The only thing that I am sure about is that it should be a diesel. Do you have any recommendations? And from 2009-2015 what is the best model year are there any known problems in the earlier years (2009-2010). Thank you

  5. Добрый!как и где с вами связаться можно.хочу масло по кругу в вольве 2014 года менять, вот и подумал! Что б вы настоящего прислали;)ну конечно деньги переведу(страница эта жены)

  6. Короче не Россия, а страна чудес. Оригиналы и на халдекс с редукторами найти проблема великая. А на халдекс капец как надо((( отключился и требует ремонта!

  7. Happy Holidays. love the videos. I own a v70 R design 2010. with 50,000 on clock very well kept car. Apart from the sunroof that has stuck in tilt/ open position. would love to do some of your upgrades like tail lights and auto tail lift – close not sure if they will work on my v70 as no button on tail. Keep the vlogs coming.

  8. Юрий, а у нас "гиславед норд фрост 200" совсем с другим рисунком продается! Я его себе на Диско4 поставил, поэтому обратил внимание. А в горку лучше бы затаскивало если бы приспустил шины :)))

  9. Really interesting seeing that you're using Gislaved tires! Are those still available where you live? Or is it some other tire company using that name?? I actually live in Gislaved and My father used to work in the "Gislaved rubber factory"

  10. Vad skulle det vara för ”fun” med det där då? Åka snett uppför en liten slänt hundra gånger, med helljuset på? Om bilen hade vält kanske det hade varit ”fun”

  11. When i first bought my 99 volvo v70xc awd it has 160,xxx miles on it and it was in great shape and drifted through snow like a king had never driven anything all wheel drive that wasent 4×4 like a truck and i had so much control of the car i was able to effortlessly drift around light poles in a parking lot covered in a sheet of ice. It was amazing, about 2.5 years later at 175,xxx miles i have so much going wrong with the car, ive had to remove the center drive line completely due to a nonexistent carrier bearing and have yet to fix it so winter driving now is just boring and terrible, my heater fan just went out so no heat. I have two check engine codes and my transmission is acting up, its such a well built machine and i hope i can keep it running for a long time

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