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Not many Volvo owners will take their V90 Cross Country drifting on ice, but we did.

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There probably won’t be many Volvo customers that take their V90 Cross Country drifting on frozen lakes – but we did.

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  1. okay, I can't help it….I have to put in a pitch for my V60 R-design with a SIX cylinder engine and AWD, without all that "connectivity." Just the right amount of car and not computer. And a zero to sixty time of five seconds.

  2. Just when you think that other manufacturers are making just as or nearly as safe cars as Volvo's. Volvo comes out with a whole new standard level of safety. And what a design!

  3. Volvo is all about safety, yet they have a big touch screen…
    Having driven a XC90 multiple times, I much prefer BMW iDrive or Audi's for that matter.
    You dont have to reach with ur arm or really focus on the screen as much as in the Volvo.

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