2004 Dodge RAM Dual Beam HID Install | Headlight Revolution

2004-2008 Dodge Ram HID Kit with Everything You Need:

In this video, we’ll be installing an HID Headlight Conversion Kit inside this 2004 Dodge RAM. The RAM install is a little more complex than a traditional HID install, so we’ll take you through the process step by step. The key component in this install is the Dual-Beam relay harness and we’ll show you how it works.

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  1. Do I only need to have 1 side with the resistors? The wiring harness I have only requires 1 side to be plugged into the factory harness. I tried to install my bids today and when I turned on they started to strobe so I think I need resistors. I have a canbus ballast also. So my question is do I only need to plug in 1 side with the ressistors to fix this problem? There is nowhere to plug ressistors into the passenger side.

  2. so for us with DRL this kit still will shut off both headlights when you would signal left and keep then on when you signal right. how would you beat that? seperate harness for each light?

  3. So after watching the video on the comparison on different led headlight bulbs I decided to click on this video. To say the least I am very disappointed. In the led video you were saying how important it was to mimic the light and position of the filament and also how important it was to select the right bulb for your housing (reflector, halogen projector, hid projector, ect.). Well you just installed an hid kit in a halogen reflector housing and now that truck is probably blinding everyone on the road and has probably already caused an accident.

    You need to educate your customers that you can not simply add hid's to a reflector based housing. At the very least you can use a halogen projector but only if the cutoff line is low enough not to blind incoming traffic.

  4. I have had a kit for about 8 years and never installed it  when I watched your video you seem to have more connections than mine as there is nothing to connect to battery I'm really unsure about this also I'm in uk so getting hold of the right stuff is difficult can you advise thanks

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