2010-2016 Ram truck folding tow mirror LED signal light replacement

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  1. Hi, I often follow your videos, thanks for all the help!!! However,I followed your instructions on checking my passenger turn signal and popped the mirror like you said. I could not check the function of the light connection with a test light. I was hoping to so that I didn't risk damaging the driver side. It didn't work so I did the same technique to the driver side and shattered the blind spot mirror. Mine is not the same as the passenger side. Now I am guessing that someone replaced it with aftermarket. I had to remove a screw to get the broken mirror off and the screw was located behind the mirror. They driver/passenger should be the same correct? 2011 Ram 2500 SLT. Thanks

  2. Hi, I just watched your video on the 2010-16 folding tow mirror LED replacement. You show how to remove the side convex mirror. How do you remove the main mirror glass? Thank you. Mike

  3. I have those exact mirrors on my Laramie and recently the feature that pans the mirror downward when you put it in reverse is starting to go out, is there a way to replace the motor on the mirror thats going out? Its weird because if i adjust left and right that works perfectly but up and down is really slow to work

  4. Dave, I have a 2013 Ram and none of the mirror lights work, I can't believe the all burned out at once. Is there something I should be checking?? I did check fuses and they were good.

  5. I thought these were running lights, which they are not. I bought a used Ram and they both have been burned out since I bought the truck. Thanks for posting this video.

  6. Thanks for your video. I'm about to install a set of these mirrors on my 2016 RAM 2500. The truck currently has standard mirrors with no turn signal or puddle lights. How do I make these lights work on the new mirrors I install on my truck? Seem to be unable to find anything definitive online.

  7. My 2013 keeps saying front turn signal out (both left and right but almost always left) but they are fine. However, when it says this, the mirrors do blink fast. Do you think it's the mirror signals?? TIA

  8. Very helpful instructions on replacing the towing mirror turn signals and the puddle lights. Excellent suggestion about popping the light out before completely removing the screw. At $54 a piece, I will be happy just using them as turn signals and flashers. Thanks again.

  9. Well I followed your video step by step and the mirror cracked. I was trying not to apply a lot of pressure but it wouldn't budge. I had to order a replacement but I'm concerned that when I try to remove the one that's on there, I damage the assembly it clicks onto. These steps would definitely work on a 2014 Ram with towing mirrors?

  10. Do you have a video/How to for removing/replacing a mirror & puddle/signal light on a 2018 Ram 1500 Laramie with standard Power Fold mirrors (not tow mirrors)?  – I'm trying to figure out how to get mine apart without breaking it so I can replace the outer chrome housings with black ones I have.

  11. Another great video. I just swapped mine out in about 5 minutes. My 2014 3500 did not have that black plastic piece on the rear of the light (driver's side). Maybe that it is why it burned out after only 4 years.

  12. I was looking for a video covering how to remove and replace the curved small side mirror, and you made it look pretty simple! Hopefully I'll be able to do it as easily as you did! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! (part number 68067731AA which might come up for others in searches)

  13. I have a 2010 Ram 3500 and the 12v power outlets or the 115v Ac power outlet dnt work I checked the fuses in the box on driver side all good
    Any suggestions

  14. Excellent video, thanks!

    Do be advised that the little plastic tabs on the mirror become brittle out here in the SW desert after 5 years. I snapped off 3 of mine putting it back on, and I was gentle with it. Pulled it back off and used RTV to help hold it in place and all is well, and it should come back off down the road if need be without too much struggle.

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