3 Way Switch, How To Wire Your Light Bar To Work With Your High Beams & By Itself (ON/OFF/ON Switch)

How to wire your light bar to function as a stand alone light or come on automatically with your high beams, using only one switch!

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  1. Hey Rock not sure if your ever going to read this but I got a problem, I have an 03 Liberty renegade with the OEM roof light bar and put a bull bar with 2 hella 700ff fog light mounted to it. I want to keep the factory look so I picked up a second switch that I want to wire up to the hella’s but I’m not sure how can you help?

  2. Slightly unsure… I got the most of it but do I or don't I need a diode? I seen a message flash up saying I don't but u also said I do, what the deal?

  3. Is it possible to have a normal led light bar switch, but have it do multiple operations. For instance, you have an led bar in the front of your vehicle and rear of your vehicle. Now, with the switch is it possible to push it in once and have the front bar turn on, push it again and have the front bar turn off but the rear bar turn on, push it again and now have both front and rear bars turned on at the same time, then push in switch once again and have both bars offs? There is more I’d like to have done, but that would be the basic operation of the switch if possible.

  4. I understand wiring and switches, but have no history with relays. Is there a relay part number/MFG you can share, or a terminology for the relay design? source for the part ? Excellent video, thank you for posting and taking the time !

  5. I couldn't hook my light bar to the high beams like you did, since both my highs and lows run off a constant power source simultaneously and a relay tells which one to send power to by grounding a specific wire. I cut the blue wire that controls the low beams which has power when the high beams are on. However I don't hear the relay click when I hook it up with the blue to the relay in the middle and the 12 from the blue wire. But I hear the click when i have the blue wire to the relay and 12 v from the battery. It's a 126 W light bar. Would this hurt anything or should I get another relay to be safe?

  6. Would it be possible to have a second switch that performs the function of the 3 position switch? For example I am using street legal LED lights, which by law have to be wired to the highbeams. However I also want to have another switch that will decouple them from the highbeams and allow the first switch to turn them on regardless of state the headlights are in, for off road use. I do not want to use a 3 position switch for this if possible

  7. Is it possible to put the diode on backwards… does the orientation matter on a diode
    Also!! How many watts do you think the light bar setups should be with your setup you have

  8. I tried your way with a 3 way switch but I had a problem, which is when clicking on one side the led bar turns ON alone, but when I click it to the other side the headlight turns ON alone without the led bar , what do you think is the isseu?. Hope you answer my question and thanks anyway.

  9. I'm getting ready to wire up some LED pods on my f150. I'd like to have them set up with my high beams as shown in the video. I have all of the parts including the 5 pin relay, diode, and 3 way switch. Do you have a diagram I could use to wire the relay properly for this application? Or know where I could find one?

  10. Hey Rocky X …so I love the videos but i guess I'm a little confused and have a question hope you get this and can help me with a diagram of these 2 video So I guess my question for you is can you add a light bar to your reverse back-up lights with a 3 prong toggle switch (on-off-on) so your light bar works with your reverse backup lights when you put it on reverse and when you take it out of reverse it would then shut off AKA ( flipping the switch one way would work with the back-up lights when ever you would throw it in reverse) & still be able to just turn the light bar off AKA (but still be able to use your back up lights say for instance in the day time you really don't need the light bar but you need to back up it would just be normal like you never even had a light bar & for the last flip of the switch it would be ideal for it to turn on regardless if you put rhe vehical in reverse you have control over the light bar AKA (you would be able to turn the light bar on or off regardless if the vehical was on or getting put in reverse you have control over the light bar)….so I guess my question is is this posible and if so is there a posible diagram you could help me out with or a drawing or anything to posibly guide me & in this set up do i need a (Doid ) or can I get away with out one in this set up cuz I've never installed one let alone dealt with one befor … if I can get away with just a relay do i need a 4 or 5 pin and how many in-line fuses should I have …I WOULD like to also say that any additional information would be verry helpfull and verry much appreciated thank you in advance and Hopfully you get this and can help with your mad skills thanks agine and keep the videos up

  11. I’m trying to run this setup for my ram 1500 and I have two questions.

    1. How do I know which is the high beam wire and which is the low beam?

    2. What other way could I connect the 2 wires without the t tap?

  12. Correct me if i'm wrong, It seems as if the diode serves no purpose in this particular installation. How would a positive current back feed from the 3 way switch?

  13. Hey bro great video. So happens my name is rocky too lol. Anyway, stupid question. Could I just tap into the bright light wire so anytime I hit the brights it sends the light bar juice as well?

  14. i thought diodes was was lightning 😀 that looks like a resistor to me, although it has all the wrong colorcoding 😀 well it aint late to learn something new 😀 good video

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