370 Watt LED 4WD Spotlights

Pretty Impressed with these lights so far.



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  1. I get all my lights from sunyee best seller and if anything is ever wrong witch in 6 years 1 time I brought 2x 25w little light bars one was a different colour to the other and he sent me one free of charge to replace it so they were the same colour temp highly recommend sunyee

  2. Hey JS great vid!! You've got other spotlights in your sponsored section, they say 1530 watts which sounds crazy to me as i dont think the alternator could keep up!! do you know much about them at all or is that 1530 watt is just nothing but a sales pitch

  3. Hello ! I see that there is many Led Spotlight in Ebay and Australia.. can you test out spotlight with 1710 watt or bigger ?. I really want to se it befor i by one pair at E-bay… Or do you recomend some good LED spotligt that gives you… the word!… Let there be light!!… and a big wow effect!

  4. Huge watts and still poor lightpower…. I have 2x80w and 2x45w. Goodbye darkness! If light is spot, you'll need many of them. If light is worse, watts don't mean nothing…

  5. hi friend, we also produce this model you show in video, could I send you the catalogue? we are led lights manufacture in Foshan Guangdong, China.

  6. LOL "Allegedly"
    I think he said it two times. Dead give away as too he is talking Bull crikey.. Dont pay over 150$ for those lights. Led lights are way cheaper than a 1$ a watt now, that price was about 3-4 yrs ago. In fact they are getting closer to 28 cents a watt…….Direct from the factories.
    Sorry but that light is not a true 370 watts. 37 leds x 10w = 370w. " False" Its probably closer to half to maybe 7w. =250w at 30k lm
    So tired of the manufacturers lying to the general public about what the led lights will actually put out.
    So sad.
    Example. A 3w Led is only pushed at around 1.25w in order to get 50,000Hrs. A 10w led is terribly in efficient. The higher the watt leds the lower the efficiency.
    A 1w led will always be the most efficient led for a long time to come.
    If its true then those lights efficiency is around 80LM/W. That is terrible in this market now.
    Leds are now pushing 150lm/w
    So just what leds are in those lights?
    Epistar? Bridgelux? cree ??
    PS; why have a page if you dont reply to questions. :)) LOL

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