4WD Battery and Accessories set-up

Marshall Batteries 4WD battery set-up for a Toyota Landcruiser. This video shows options on battery set-up for a 4X4 that travels remote in rugged conditions without mains power for extended periods. The vehicle is designed to run a variety of accessories and provide safety power back up for cranking. The fit out is done to be robust in every aspect for a customer who has specific requirements. It features Shane Millard from HS Motors, the local Marshall Batteries dealer and battery expert in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia. There are a multitude of ways to set-up dual battery, remote power systems for extended travel, depending on your personal requirements. Shane shares his expertise and we hope you will glean some techniques and product info. The workmanship is exemplary and we have tried to keep it as short as possible. If you would like to get specific advice or more information, phone your local battery expert on 1300 465 537 (1300 Holler) for your local store or Phone 1300 627 742 (1300 Marshall) for Roadside, mobile battery service technician. For further information on products and services, you can also visit



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