Brightest Headlight Bulbs On The Market! Unbox/Install

Brightest Headlight Bulbs On The Market From The HID Factory On My 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins

My Headlight Housings –

Buy A “Duck It” Sticker!

ISSPRO Gauges Install Pt. 1 ! –


Top 3 Things You NEED To Know About My Cummins –

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Thank You For Watching! – ParoDoXz



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  1. I clicked on your video just so I could dislike it; without watching. the title is misleading, and you are making a bogus claim without testing others.

  2. I bought the same bulbs and installed them last night. I've got plenty of light but the focus is absolute garbage. I called Travis back looking for some direction on how to focus these and by the end of the call I decided to go a completely different direction. I threw a few ideas at Travis and he threw a few back, should be pretty dang good when all is said and done. Nice guys over there, I had no idea they can do what they do with headlights. Looking forward to seeing your next video. FWIW, I've got a few MODS to my front end you might be interested in doing, specifically the steering linkage. I went from the "Y" style to the "T" style and it was a good upgrade to the front end. I'f your interested let me know and I'll shoot you a few pics.

  3. hey parodoxz i ordered them same bulbs a week ago and i still haven't received them yet and they didn't send me a shipping number. i was wondering if they did the same thing to you

  4. I have a wired question about my truck. I wanted to see if you knew if the headlight wiring harness from a 2000 Laramie would work in a 2001 sport? The reason iam asking is I got in a wreck with my old truck and I still have the headlights and all the wiring. If I can I wouldn't have to buy new headlights again.

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