EASY and FUN Jeep Cold Air Intake Install Plus Testing to See if it Works!

In this video we use computers and science to actually test if the Flowmaster Delta Force Cold Air Intake install on the AutoEdits Jeep Wrangler actually makes a difference in the inlet air temperature… this is a fun one!
There’s a lot going here… first I’ll run you through the items I’ll be using in the video like the Delta Force Cold Air Intake, the tuning module from HPtuners called the MPVi2 and the VCM Scanner software… running on my super sweet Alienware 13 laptop.
We’ll go for a run in the Jeep with the stock air box and set a baseline for what intake air temperatures we see.
Then we do a very detailed removal of the stock intake and assembly and installation of the Flowmaster kit. After that… it’s out for another run with the HPtuners software data logging all our information and see if the new Cold Air Intake lives up to it’s namesake!
*One side note: This particular intake is in the process of getting CARB certification in California so check the website at the link below for it’s availability there… otherwise… get one in the other states now!
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Here’s the link to the air filters on the Flowmaster site:

Here’s a link to the HPtuners site for the MPVi2:

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  1. K&N Air filters are worthless in everyday applications the same can be said for cold air in takes . Want proof look at off road diesel equipment that work in dust and dirt double air filtration why is the aftermarket world so set on selling crap.

  2. i give you credit for staying in character. LOL… I had an early K&N intake on my 3.8 JK. I took it off. The "cool rumble" sound of acceleration was so loud, it resonated inside the cabin. I couldn't carry on a conversation with my wife. It got old, real quick. Went back to the stock intake. This weekend, I'm putting on a copy version of the AEV snorkel. Why? Because I can. Thinking I'll do a video of it if time allows. I currently have a Diablo Sport Trinity tuner. Thought about HP a while back, but they didn't have support for my Jeep back when I looked. Nice that they do now. I may go that way some day. Might be nice to have with my '15 Ram as well.

  3. With an HP Tuner, you should be able to read your MAF at WOT, both before and after, to see if you are also flowing more air and colder air (more dense). IAT readings are nice, but its only half the story. The air velocity, thus flow, is measured by the MAF, and at WOT if you are flowing more and the IAT is lower, you are making more power.

  4. Was the outside air temp the same for both tests? It seems like the cold air test was later on the same day which would be 5 to 10 degrees cooler here in California.

  5. Thanks for the video review. I looked up the product and says that won't fit jeeps with a lift kit, I see you have a lift kit installed in your jeep, did you run into any trouble? I don't see how a lift kit would have anything to do with it but that's what the manufacturer says

  6. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the newer trucks don't react well to oiled air filters and that dry filters led to less problems. Not sure if that's true, and since my Ram is still under power train warranty I figured I'd wait to do this. Plus the 15 Ram's are a little more involved to tune.

  7. For future reference, do not stick your finger into a drive by wire throttle plate. They will lose calibration and their home setting, causing idle surge and no start conditions. If you need to open it for any reason, key on-engine off and wedge the accelerator open to open the plate. Then carry on cleaning.

  8. Great video. Something I notice that you did not mention, was how to clean a paper filter.
    Some of people that watch this video. Probably have never cleaned a paper filter. With that in mind, I think it's worth mentioning this helpful tip. When and if they decide to clean their filter (regardless whether it is paper or a rechargeable K&N style) out with an air hose they will want to.blow the air from the inside towards the outside. As opposed to blowing from the outside in, this will prevent from pushing the dirt further into the filter.
    Other then that one small detail good video. I like the way you made it comically in some spots. Little stuff like that helps too take some of the anxiety out of putting parts on your vehicle.
    Thanks for a great review and installation.

  9. The "cold air intake" is definitely a mod I have gone back and forth on doing. Very interesting to see that it does indeed bring cooler air into the engine. My big issue is that my Jeep does see some water crossings…though, I usually go very slow through them. Many people have said that if you want a "true" cold air intake, you need to do a snorkle set up as it pulls air from completely outside the engine bay. Would be interesting to see the air temp comparisons between the tradtional cold air intake and the snorkle as well as if you still have the increase in throttle response/fuel mileage.

  10. Yo Jason!! I was watching the Trail to SEMA Day 4 video (sorry about the rear axle BTW) and saw that you were drinking one my favorite local beers from one of my favorite local breweries. How did you end up with that in Utah?? They only recently started canning. Cheers brother!

  11. jeep engineers know there product better than kn or any body else keep your stock filters just change them or check them often. your computer is buddies with your stock filter. keep the oild filters to the drag strip

  12. Hey Jason, what happened to the twisted axle on the jeep during your powerstop adventure? was that a repair or did you upgrade to the dana 60? dont make me wait for there day 5 video 🙂 enjoying the videos hoping to have some ideas when i pick up the gladiator later this year ….

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