F-150 PUTCO Switchblade LED Tailgate Light Bar 60″ 2009-2016 Installation

Freddy shows you how to install a PUTCO 60″ Switchblade LED Tailgate Light Bar on your 2009-2018 F-150.

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We’ve heard about some issues that may occur, so Truck Doctor Freddy is here to give you the remedy! Please stay tuned for the end of the video, Freddy is going to show you how to properly fix any trailer warnings that might appear on your dash after installing this PUTCO 60″ Switchblade LED Tailgate Light Bar.

Correctly operating alongside your running lights, brake lights, reverse lights and turn signals, this stunning aftermarket improvement is going to make a luxurious statement upon your 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 F-150. Harnessed within a durable and life extending tinted polycarbonate housing, this custom sixty-inch switchblade LED tailgate light bar from PUTCO is a showstopper for your exterior lighting presentation.

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  1. Went to install one on my F-450 and I'm unsure if they are made differently than the 150 etc…… but my truck doesn't have a metal flat under the tailgate. SMFH!!

  2. So I looked at this and other videos that show how to wire this. At least you guys acknowledge there is an issue and revised your video (Thanks for that). You certainly do address the annoying trailer detected dash warning.

    BUT, I just rewired mine directly to the tail lights. Upon startup, I still get a trailer detected and the dash goes directly to the towing screen / default Trailer. So I checked the old splice connections that were removed to make sure there was no open or short. All seems good since I did tape them up nicely.

    I will drive it a while and see if the annoying trailer connected/disconnected/light out issues go away. If this does just that, then I can deal with the startup screen.

  3. Have a Trailer Package, just bought this, IS it recomended to just wire into the light instead of the trailer har. Also what color wire is for the left turn signal and what's for the right??

  4. Can't believe a so called professional would use scotch locks in a high moisture environment. The use of those things is just asking for trouble down the road. Corrosion city!!!

  5. For older model truck don't waste your time trying to spice the wires into your truck b/c the wire colors do not match up. Buy the pigtail that match your year model truck from the company and save yourself a lot of time.

  6. So my issue is I have a 2018 F150 Lariat with bliss and a automatic tailgate opener so there is a bracket on the passenger side of the truck and all the lights on the market would have to go over this steel bracket, can you tell me if the light you installed with using the brackets that come with your light if it would clear the bracket on my truck also do I need anything else to plug the light bar into my truck? I know if I'm towing a trailer the bliss still works on the 2018. Also what did you tie the backup wire into?

  7. Is that box water proof the one that is closest to the light bar and where did you put it did u just zip tie it up under the bumper or did you screw it to something under the bumper? I just installed this on my truck tonight

  8. When you did the update on wiring into the tailing. I wished you would have done explanation and demonstration. Which wire is the right turn signal?

  9. The hour labor time to install – is that the first time or the second time required to not get any trailer code dash lights or combination of both. The scotch quick snap wire splice is for emergency purposes only. They are the first place you will have problems with trailer or any moisture on the road wiring. Y'all need to up your game a wee bit if you plan on being competitive

  10. I bought this light bar from you and installed it on my 2018 F150 with LED taillights and bliss and back up camera and it's been working great but for some reason now my turn signals on the inside of the truck are hyper flashing but are flashing normal on the outside. Did something happen to the little black box attached to the wire harness on the light bar?

  11. QUESTION: I have a 2017 XLT and my tailgate has the built in step. With that feature they added a bracket (FORD PART # 99107B72)on the right side to the back end of the bed to support the use of the step when the tailgate is open. The location of the bracket affects and limits the installation of a tailgate light bar. Is there a work around or solution to this obstacle? Thanks in advance.

  12. So did your back up camera still work or did it think there was a trailer hooked to it.. You should remove this video. Cause it will mess everybody BLSS and get error on dash.

  13. I love the idea of this thing until I saw the $200 pricetag. I'm sorry but that's way too much for what you get. CJ isn't the problem either btw, it's the manufacturer asking a stupid price for a decent product. Cut it in half or more and I'll buy a few of them. But it's not a $200 product.

  14. I just installed this light on my 17 f150 xlt 5.0 and the light stays white, all the wires were connected to the driver rear taillight besides the black/white wire into the 7 pin harness, help!!!

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