How to Aim & Adjust Your Headlights

In this video, I aim the headlights on the golf with my little brother. There is an adjustment screw on the backside of the housing that allows us to raise or lower the beam from the low beams. I’ve seen headlights that also have adjustment from left to right, however that usually doesn’t need to be tinkered with.

The PROPER way to do it, is to get the aim measured using a machine, and then align the beam from there. The machines can cost thousands of dollars, so doing it this way, you might have to align the headlights a few times to get it spot on.

From 10 meters away from a wall, the top part of the beam should be 20cm’s down from the height of the headlights. To be exact, 20.9 cm’s, based off a 1.2 degree negative slope.

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  1. Thanks for the video. What's H ID kit and bulbs are those? The light output is amazing. I have OEM HIDs and am looking for replacement bulbs to improve brightness.

  2. I have 2009 Mercedes c300 how can adjust the headlights were can I find the screw to move move right to felt? one of my projector light is like this (/) (-) how can I fix it ?

  3. I love this …. it's illegal in the country I'm from, if you don't have your headlights adjusted right. I had some close calls because it seems that no one in the US seems to give a sh*** if you blind someone.
    I just changed my headlights and noticed they are way to high …. since it's dark I go and get right on it.

  4. let's say you bought a car from someone and they fucked up both headlight aiming. how do you know how high or low it's supposed to be? what if the Driver side is high but thinks it's the right height?

  5. Wow those projectors are crap, horrible beam pattern.
    And you adjusted them wrong, they should be level with each other. Now your passenger side light is aimed higher.

  6. This video does not describe the proper way to aim your headlamps. Where did you get your information? There is a standard for this, it's SAE J599. Find the lamp centers (marked on the headlamp lens), and transfer those to a wall 25 feet away. Aim the hot spot of each lamp to just below and to the right of each cross hair (there's more details in the standard, but this is the brief important stuff). Search for images of this standard if you need a visual. Now 107,000 viewers have the wrong information. Please revise your video. Don't want to hate, but if you use the word "proper" then people think that you've researched the topic and have found the correct information. Better to say "This is how I adjusted my headlamps", this way you don't agitate people that have designed forward lighting systems.

  7. The tops of both beams should be equal and the low point of both beams should be equal. Essentially giving you one step up and not two. He needs to go down a few more turns.

  8. Can all car move side to side or just some car? Mine can move up or down by can’t do side to side. Or maybe I haven’t found the screw to turn yet

  9. thank you, I hate driving at night, but,,,,,,,, its hot,,,, as ( hell) here in Pensacola florida , so I work nights,and job is driving,,i say paint the right hand lane in America white, and the left lane baby blue,,so they are more visible ,,exit ramps silver,,,,and maybe people who cant see ,, take their licence away..

  10. I had to get my entire front of my VW replaced after an accident, and those morons couldn’t align my headlights after going there 2 times. There is a huge difference. Thank you for the help, now I can do it myself and get t right.

  11. Point headlights at a wall 25’ away. That’s 300”. 1.2% of 300” is 3.6”. The top of the light beam on the wall needs to be 3.6” below the height of the low beam bulb on the car. I think the video could have been perfect if you mentioned a way to effectively measure the angle of the headlights but at least you’re on the right track. Cheers

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