How to Fix an Odometer That Doesn’t Spin

DIY odometer repair and LED dash light install. Learn how to fix your odometer to show the correct mileage when you drive. The odometer gear can easily be repaired by taking the gauges out from the dashboard, but I also show you how to replace the speed sensor. Since we are taking the dash apart, I show you how to install LED bulbs for your instrument cluster.

LED Bulbs:
Odometer Gear:
Torx Sockets:
Electric Drill:
Ramps I used:

Here are the LEDs at night:

Fix a Loose Column
Fix a Squeaky Belt:
How to Drift: Coming this Fall!!!

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  1. Was installing white reverse glow gauges in my 96 gt. And when I went to reinstall. I guess I nicked the ribbon connector for the right side pigtail. And my tach, volt meter, and oil pressure wont work. Now I have to find a used cluster, but the odometer will be wrong. I think I can just swap the actual odometer over, to the "new" cluster
    Now have a car i can't really drive until i get a new cluster. Ugh

  2. Chris if you can. Can you show a video on how to remove the Top fuel lines near the AC tank on the the passenger Side firewall. Love your videos and thank you for the help

  3. i forgot remind you most ford have other controll computer inside dash that controll wiper n dim light and speedometer and alarm noise
    mine just fry up inside dash and i notice speed was dropping down and look at radio see smoke coming out vent under radio n i smell burn and i pulled over check behide radio make sure nothing is burning and i notice dim light n speedometer n alarm not beeding anymore n wiper dont work so im screwed and i find way bypass it get wiper working that all i could do

  4. ive had a few vw's and all of them the odometer slipped but speedo worked fine. never racked up over 5000 miles a year which in my state means emissions exempt n way less money every year. why fix it??

  5. Haha. Yeah. You can see the orientation of all the other screws changed when you mentioned not to forget that one screw. I noticed they changed and thought of that just before you said it. Lol.

  6. Hi Chrisfix. My odo is digital. Will the digital odometers have the same problem with not calculating miles or does this problem only happen with the ones that turn like yours?

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