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Aftermarket driving lights like spot lights and LED light bars offer the ultimate driving light solution for every vehicle. Find out how easy they are to install!
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It is the responsibility of the vehicles owner to abide by the relevant state and territory rules and regulations. Driving light bars are recommended for off road use only

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  1. the master switches on these are fucking junk had 3 all junk 1 fell apart other two stop working also "led light bars" are not legal for on road use off road only, so hooking it up to the high beam wire is not a got idea

  2. Can I wire the LED bar as a standalone without hooking it on to a jeep. Say as an indoor light source? My intent is to use it as a DIY photography lighting. It looks much powerful than T8 tube lights but maybe that's just me.

  3. Do you have to worry about how much power the light bar draws from your battery? I have a 700w light bar with a stock alternator, just worried the light bar will kill my battery faster than the alternator can charge it

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