How To Wire And Install An LED Lightbar On Your Car – 1080P HD

Anthony @ DIYautotech showing you how to wire and install an LED light bar on your car, truck, or SUV.

Auxbeam Website:
Auxbeam 5D light bar:
Auxbeam Cross series light bar:

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  1. Nice video. What I don't see mentioned often is not just light bars but LED lights that have two functions, flood/beam and the round/outer band (circle) of LED's that act as running lights or fog lights. These lights have the Black/Red/White wires. I looked for a harness that was for this set up but seems the LIGHT BAR harness would do the trick. I seen the two buttons on the switch which tells me it controls multi function bars or other LED lights. Before seeing your video, I had already ran an extra wire to POWER the amber circle light element so now, I just need to get a multi position switch (rather have one then two). Again great video and it helps deciding rather I want a new switch or a new harness. The switch would be easier LOL. Cheers

    These are the lights in question:

  2. If you're drilling a hole to mount a light bar directly on top of a bumper why bother with the tape…. I think scratching some plastic is the least of your worries.

  3. Is connecting the red wire to the positive battery terminal always lead to draining the battery or does tht only happen to certain vehicles…bc I have a 2002 toyota 4runner, thanks!

  4. You make a good video, but the guiding to people that you can make a hazardous connection or short-circuit from a negative terminal to the chassis(ground) is not possible. Gloves or tape won't help either way. The negative terminal IS connected straight to the chassis. To have an accidental short of any kind, you must have a complete connection from a power source, (the battery – from both terminals, positive and negative) or from another power source that has both leads channeling through the car's wiring system in some form or fashion, then make a COMPLETE CONNECTED circuit. Which without a load(light bulb, light bar, radio, etc…) to use the power, results in a short-circuit. Other than that, your video works well enough. Have fun and good luck in your quest for knowledge.

  5. Hi I can I ask for some advice? I tried connecting my led bar directly to my car battery just to test if its working but its not turning on unless i make a spark using the wires to the battery terminal. Thanks

  6. I find it funny that you don’t show how to connect it to the battery.. something MOST people don’t know how to do without killing themselves

  7. Take your mic away from your fucking mouth so we cant hear your tongue and mouth smacking, literally every God damn time you think about speaking.. I couldn't even make it through the video because of that.

  8. With this set up will the light bar automatically turn when you turn the ignition off? Even if the control switch in the car is still "on"? This to would be to avoid leaving light bar on by accident when not in the car. Thanks.

  9. The only thing you did is drilling and wires though firewall. Where is the connections and Etc…? I know nothing about electrics and didn't get anything from your video. I better ask someone to do it

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