LED Dash Gauge Cluster Lights Upgrade Chevy Tahoe

LED dash gauge cluster lights upgrade chevy tahoe gmc yukon suburban. Mre videos and articles at



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  1. I ordered the exact same thing you did from the exact same place and I can only get 3 to work but those three don’t work when I twist them all the way. I have to wiggle them in just the right spot. Then they’ll come on. But that’s only 3 of them. The other 3 I can’t even get to come on. I know the circuit board is good because all my stock lights worked before

  2. I did this to my 01 gmc jimmy & had no idea these bulbs didn't seperate from the sockets. I ended up with like 3 butchered finger tips due to them lil old brittle bulbs popping in my fingers while trying my damndest to wiggle & pull them apart lol

  3. Please help me bro, i tried everything to get them to turn on did everything in the video even screenshot where you showed all the bulbs already in put them exactly the same but still won't turn on.

  4. hey, so I aslo have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe, I installed the exact same bulbs you did, however on my dash, for the speedo, upto 50 lights up fine then 60-100 is super dim almost barely noticable, same with the beginning half of the fuel gauge too. Any suggestions/Advice?

  5. My airbag light stays on now and my buddy hooked his snap on reader to it and said the bulb was not on but it is. Did your airbag light go off once you started it?

  6. Pretty good video. Being a mechanic I was entirely here for vehicle specific information, which I did find. In this, as well as the video follow up for the stainless overlay. However, I did find myself getting fairly frustrated at different points. The issues I had were with the “extra” stuff. The phrase “sometimes less is more” I suppose is what got me. Where I was waiting for the next step, rather than explaining that you were going to clean it and that you couldn’t hold the camera, light, and do the work. Maybe steer clear of the extras and stay on point a little more. It’ll shorten your video length a great deal and stay on the topic at hand. Aside from that it was informative, and showed me what I was trying to figure out! I know my “gripes” sound ridiculous but a lot if the time most people are just looking for the straight to the point stuff lol. Thanks for taking the time to make the video!

  7. I have an 01 Tahoe. Need to know what the item number is on the led bulbs. I ordered what I thought was the right ones , but they do not fit. Hey
    Please please. Thanks

  8. what years is this cluster panel? I see guys soldering and taking the whole thing apart, as well as dials such a speedometer and tachometer.

  9. I'm sure this was asked. I cant find it tho but where do I purchase this exact setup??? Lol I'm doing a tranny swap on my 4×4 Silverado z71 and seen this

  10. I’m doing the same to my 2001 Yukon, what year is your? I called the company you used and they don’t exist anymore. Do the light bulbs come off the original socket? Or did you have to replace the socket part to?

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