Maxtrax as a Sand Anchor? 4×4 Self Recovery Technique | Part 1

When your 4×4 is bogged and you need to winch your 4wd out of the situation there are many different sand anchors available, the Deadman Sand Anchor, Pull Pal to name a few.
But do you really need to carry a specifically designed sand anchor? Or can you just use your recovery tracks/ladders thatyou already have!? In this video I try using Maxtrax as a sand anchor to pull my 4×4 up a hill, with surprising results.

Watch Part 2 here



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  1. You need to film it all in action, with the 4by bogged in such a way that the you couldn't use the maxtrax to get out, by using them under the tyres, and the winch is the only option. Plus, make it time critical (ie. Like it's your wedding that you could miss if you don't get out) ?

  2. Cheers for the great idea. It might work even better if you buried them horizontally, as the entire tracks would be pulling against an even amount of sand, instead of wanting to lever themselves out of the hole.

  3. Good review Michael, might need to re think the deadman ground anchor purchase ? since I’ve already got 4 Maxtrax. Great videos and content, just subbed to your channel ??

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