Mercedes ABS ESP BAS is another possible solution

Another possible solution to the fairly common Mercedes ABS ESP BAS issue. There are many more possible causes
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  1. Hi, great videos, thanks very much for posting these. I have a question about which diagnostic tool would be best for my 1995 MB C280. It has a 16 pin OBD plug under the steering column and a 32 pin round DTC connector in the engine compartment. Looking for a tool for under 200. Thanks George.

  2. on my w202 I replaced the brake sensor that is right under the pedal. it turned the light off and has not turned back on since. 39.99 dollar piece

  3. Hello 🙂
    Thanks for nice, usefull videoes!

    I just got my first car SLK 2004

    And I did not drive IT for 2 months- than when I started the car- could't start IT. Well Battery.
    I did not Change yet, but I got some help to start Battery/car.

    Today I noticed a message " ESP defective, visit workshop "

    I do not understand why. I turnd off and on the car but nothing, is still there.

    I am just a girl/ young women who has no clue about cars, bit would like to learn.

    Here in Norway is extrimely expencive to chack it properly!

  4. Just back from the dealer to have my recall on the drivers side air bag on my 2012 Mercedes Sprinter. On my way home my ABS/ASP/ESP lights came on. Called the dealer and they said nothing to do with the airbag change. Are they correct??

  5. On my 2005 c240 I took off the abs relay for no reason & lost it right away. When I bought the new fuse & installed it, the ABS light came on & started saying ESP unavailable ? Says see manual ? Do you think I just need to reset ?

  6. I have a ML55 AMG , While driving normally or on a bumpy road the EPS, ABS, BAS, Brake light come on with beeping sound.
    the steering feel a little tighter and the beeping sound stay on until I park the car and turn off the car. after turn of the car and restart it's work fine

  7. I have the same error lights ABS-BAS-ESC always ON one year now & counting. Ive change all 4pcs ABS speed sensor. Still all lights ON. They say the fault is the ABS module and the ABS pump but I doubt this one and is way tooo expensive. Now sometimes lights will disappear. But on uphill at uneven surface- when one back tire lifted and starts screetching… lights return & stays that way. One time I have emergency brake…. the pedal pulsates, so I can confirm the ABS pump and module is functioning well. Now im thinking of the 'Yaw rate sensor' or dynamic sensor as I read this on internet. Could this be the final culprit one? Hope you can advice. I have OM-642 engine on 300C.

  8. Now 62 dislikes. I'm not sure why, I guess people want you to answer every single question they can think about. And speaking of problems, my 2001 ml locks up the front wheels when it feels like it. I have a Mercedes specialist I can go to, he's a friend, but he's almost a hundred miles away. I do have a new brake light switch, replace that first.

  9. @fupabox Hi I have just devolved similar on my dash after spinning left rear wheel on some grass I was parked on (half on road half off) Now have on my display EBD, ABS & ESP inoperative along with a Power Steering Malfunction. Comes up 30 seconds into a drive once Speed is over 10-15mph. Any ideas? It's a 2011 C200 estate.

  10. Hey man, thanks for the video. I just replaced my lower control arm and when I was done, I noticed my steering wheel was off-center. Sure enough, my "ESP is inoperable" message is on. Did you end up just getting it aligned? Or how did you solve the issue? Thanks again.

  11. My mechanic replaced 2 abs ring in the rear and now I have another issue abs light come on and odemeter dropped to 0 if I turned off my car and started again it will go what's the problem do you have any idea?

  12. Well for a start what Code did your scanner give you that was a tell-tale that brought you to the steering angle sensor as the cause? Mine is off by 2.5 degrees and never affected the car. Give us a tangible explanation, a proof of code, something we can relate to. Otherwise it could be anything. Plus you didn't mention any ways of fixing this.. alignement? anything else?

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