Offroad Kit & Recovery Items – Bug-Out Kit

List of Items Shown
(I FORGOT to mention/show my tools, the HiLift & My HEADLAMP in the video ??)

8 x 6 tarp
spare keys
Black Diamond Headlamp (so important)
Paper maps
Outer Limits Supply first aid kit
Recovery strap
Heavy duty trashbags
Gorilla tape & duct tape
electrolyte drink mix
energy chews
waterproof matches
life straw
glow sticks
emergency back up flashlight solar/crank
tire deflator
survival blankets
emergency road flares
toilet kit
emergency meals
rubber mallet
rain poncho
emergency fire starter kit
kitchen sink and soap
jumper cables
The yeti 65 cooler
A hat
VIAIR 450 P air compressor
emergency water
bubba rope Kinetic recovery rope and gator jaws
ARB tire repair kit
Krazy Beaver Tools murder spork…shovel
ROTOPAX with water & fuel



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  1. hello will you be doing a review on the Tire deflator. I saw in your IG video that you used it this pass weekend and I would like to know it went. also you didn't say the size of you bubba rope. I am new to 4×4 world and would like to know what type of bubba rope to get.

  2. Thank you for presenting such an easy to follow breakdown of your kit. Currently I am in the process of putting together my own kit and i appreciate the visual aides that you shared with us.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. You almost need a trailer to carry all the survival gear but I must say you have covered all the bases, awesome…

  4. I would also recommend some sort of communications equipment. Alcohol stove, dehydrated food. Toilet paper or paper towels, a body towel and soap. I also carry a rocket type stove so it charges phone or lights and uses twigs for fuel. But nice set up.

  5. you also might want to add in some para cord and jb weld. the jb weld works miracles just to keep you moving in case your radiator cracks. and the para cord has a bunch of uses on its own. and i also keep a couple of petzle head lamps handy to keep my hands free…

  6. Jillian, if I may suggest you carry a "Pulaski Tool" It is combination AXE and Pick in one tool. A very good piece of kit. I applaud your organization and level of competence for such a
    youthful person. Cheers, Mate.

  7. Thanks for the video. Just found your channel by your interview with another Overland channel. In the research phase now, getting my ‘03 Tacoma overland ready! Very helpful video. Liked and subscribed! ??☺️

  8. I once got lost in the desert while hiking in Arizona, I had no water and was sooooo crazy thirsty after hours of roaming around completely lost, I totally lucked out and found a tiny little stream with red water flowing through it, I didn’t have a life straw and I didn’t care, I drank it up like crazy!!!! LOL. I Eventually decided my best option would be to climb a mountain to get a better view of the surroundings and luckily I saw a tiny road off in the distance and I was good once I got to it 🙂

  9. any bets that arb tire kit was over $100? price gougers! i dont care how good your product is, thats all they are. other than that nice video

  10. you might want to add a more power puller come along. if you don't have a winch they are the best. I have one in my gear but since got a winch for my rig its a backup.

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