Removing the Old Engine & Transmission #FairmontProject

It finally came time to remove the old engine and transmission from my #FairmontProject. It’s sad that this car will never be in stock form again, but it was always my intention to make this car more than it ever was from the factory. Removing the engine and transmission was the first step in that process.

This video will also be helpful if you need to remove one of these straight 6’s from a fox body. The process is identical.

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  1. I have a 1990 Volvo 760GLE with the B280F V6 engine. The engine has blown head gasket(s). I am unable to find anyone in my area that's willing to work on this engine, I think it's because of the complexity as of how it is constructed. (I am not new to working on an engine. In the 1980's I rebuilt my 1974 Ford MustangII V6 from the bare cast iron block). I have been told that this is a Peugeot engine, that Volvo used, and is the same that was used in the DeLorean. The transmission is in excellent condition made by Toyo Ltd. My question: Do you know of another Volvo or other Manufacturer's engine that can mate with this transmission? Or, I may have to swap the engine and transmission as a unit. This car is RWD. I am aware that I will have to resort to a carburetor fuel system and distributor ignition system. I hate to junk the car. It has always been garage kept, paint still shines, and never been in an accident. I have seen a youtube video of a guy who put a Ford Mustang V8 in this same body style Volvo, but I have not been able to get in touch with him. He posted the video to sell the car, then removed the video. Maybe you have heard of someone else that have done this, or maybe you can recall some HotRod magazine article on how to do this. I would even be satisfied with a 4 cylinder engine setup. I would welcome taking on this project as a hobby.

  2. Hello, I installed an engine and transmission together in my 2003 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, now I can’t get the car out of park. I must’ve did something wrong with the shifter cable when connecting it back to the transmission and the gear shifter. Do you know What i did wrong? And how can I adjust the cable ? can you share your insight please
    Thank You

  3. Eric after seeing this post for the first time it brought back alot of memories for me, when I ran modified race cars at a few of the local dirt tracks in the Carolina's. The engines we ran were modified 6 cyl. Ford motors. After stroking and boring out the block we were able to get close to 320 cid out of a 300. I do like the V8 you built for the car , but wonder why you didn't do a build using the 6? A turbo 6cyl would of been wild.

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