Traction Board Reviews: MUD

Mademan925 & Life_of_a_TW_wife

We tested out the top 4 traction boards on the market.
Traction jack



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  1. i used my Maxsa's for the first time yesterday to get through some nasty stuff, and they worked very well. my buddy spun his tires on them so much that i smelled the plastic and it only barely wore down 1-2 of the small nubs on the end of the board. Definitely worth getting for the price as long as you dont mind the weight, length, and lack of stacking ability. The maxsas do come with velcro to strap them together tho.

  2. Great test, will definitely have me looking into the Maxsa's before I spend on the Maxtrax. Totally unrelated question from watching the walk around of your rig on Overland Bound. Who makes the roof rack on your Taco? Thanks in advance, killer truck!!

  3. The folding ones seem legit for the size and the fact that the fold makes allows them to fit better where there might be little to no ground clearance. Great video I found this very helpful!

  4. Great video bud! I have a bad habit of getting buried in the sticky stuff when I'm by myself and recently came across those Maxsa boards on Amazon, I'm definitely pulling the trigger on 'em now! They're $139 for the pair plus there's a instant $10 off coupon! Thanks again for the video! ???

  5. Great comparison. Conclusion– that all these boards are just molded plastic and no way to justify paying 3-4x the price for same function. But yes, I have seen people "brag" about their purchase of the MaxTracs, which cost them same as a budget winch… And yes, I bought the $100 versions that are bright orange, so that I could find them in the mud. Plus it is the experience of the driver that is key too. Spinning your tires on traction boards is not so useful. Thanks for the great video.

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