VAN SPOTLIGHT: Timber Den | Outside Van 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 144 2500 Sprinter Conversion

Inspired by elemental extremes – OSV Timber Den is the future now!

The allure begins with the distinctive Mercedes-Benz 4×4 144 2500 chassis, and then sets course right to your senses, in our newest Camper/Passenger/Gear Hauler conversion. The Den is a perfect “trifecta” of versatilely -meets functionality – meets style; that provides off-road appeal and enough home warmth, plus go get attitude to match any far flung adventure! Optimally balanced weight distribution battery systems and water systems, dual top Webasto heating unit, Solar, multiple sleeping arrangements, storage, 3 passenger capacity, Vita Mix/Jet Boil bar, and our very own custom removable Boot Dryer are just some of the great features you will find. This new breed of OSV will prove that we know how to set the stage for success!

Escape is closer than you think and the van is ready! Where will you go?

Life is simple in a van.



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  1. It looks like you guys make cool vans but your videos are terrible. They show none of the things anyone would want to see. How about less "cool" slow mo shots and more detailed walk throughs

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