Yamaha Grizzly 450 4×4 external gear selector adjustment #1014

The Yamaha Grizzly (Kodiac) range of quads are pretty damn reliable but servicing is critical to ensure you get the best from your machine & lets face it, they aren’t cheap.

One of the many procedures/checks that is often ‘over looked’ when servicing your quad is that of the gear selector adjustment.

Over time, like most mechanical systems, wear of the various components calls for a re-adjustment to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

The external gear selector linkage is often neglected, never lubricated and can cause gear selection problems. If left then it can lead to gearbox internal faults which are much more expensive to rectify…it really is a case of a ‘stitch in time’ with this one….

Many 4×4 quads have similar gear selector mechanisms so this video may also be helpful to you even if you don’t own a Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiac quad.

Any questions please add them to the comments section below & I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Andy Mechanic



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  1. My 450 was new Oct 2016 and has the same low gear hesitation since new, not as bad as one in post. I engage low then slightly blip throttle to engage then drive away. First service due in April and had intended to mention this, but I may have a look myself. My bike is well oiled including gear linkage at 900 miles. Thank you for most informative posts

  2. Andy, I'm not sure if that particular year of bike has this problem, but from 03-07 on the 660 the shifter is slightly different but I imagine are similar internals. Either way, I had to do this for a friend before on an 04 660. Take the shifter assemble off the bike, leaving the shift rod connected, just unbolt shift rod from the motor and there are 3 bolts on the shifter that hold it on and the brake interlock for reverse and park just unscrews. Take the shift knob off and then the boot. Once you have that done, on the opposite side of the shift rod there should be a push nut/speed nut that goes over the shaft that the shifter and shift rod are connected to that needs to be removed. You will probably break that push nut getting it off but once you do, pull the shaft out of the assembly and you will notice that it is square stock with rounded edges that insert inside the plastic housing of the shifter. This is where the problem arises, normal wear causes too large of a tolerance and thus causes the shifting problem, solution is to take a pepsi can or similar and cut a small piece off to go over the shaft you just removed and reinsert into the shifter. (keep notice as to location of shift rod before you removed it. Once you do this, assembly is reverse of disassembly. Bike should shift better or as good as it did new. Did this 8 years ago the first time, never had a problem since and never had to adjust the shift rod length fist or last.

    Hope this may help someone as it took a bit of time to find out when it would have just slipped out of position when the locknuts never moved…

  3. hello Andy. I need some help. I own a 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450. I was driving it the other day and while traveling about 30MPH, the bike locked up like in gear and came to a Immediate stop so i turned it off and started it back up and it wouldn't go into high or reverse. when I would move the gear selector into high or reverse it would not move! I would put it in neutral and it would drive forward but only forward. It will not drive in any other gear and I know it shouldn't drive in neutral. Do you have any idea of what it might be or what I could check? I personally do not have the money to pay someone else to fix it, I would like to fix it myself. I seriously would appreciate any feedback.

  4. Hi Andy,

    I’ve just bought a 2007 Yamaha Grizzly 450 from the UK MOD and am in the process of trying to give it some well earned TLC.
    One/Two problems I’m experiencing surround gear Selection/Engagement.

    (1) Occasionally when trying to select REVERSE the gear fails to engage and I get a clattering sound/shuddering. That said if I then select DRIVE HIGH followed by REVERSE, the gear engages. Do you think this is likely to be a External Gear Selector issue or Internal?
    (2) Possibly connected to Item 1. The Gear Indicators on the Display often don’t show which gear is selected.

    Any thoughts / suggestions?



  5. great video Andy , just recently having a problem with my gear shift on cold mornings , shiftier is basically locked up and takes a lot of force to move it into any position but does come out of it and shifts with no problems / normal , so when it sits over night in cold tempertures seems to be the worst , where can i start to look to take care of this problem , thank you !! 2003 Kodiak 450

  6. i have a 2014 450 grizzly i notice you show the safety switch on the gear shifer if i take that pin off can i still us my shifter and my break i think its a pain

  7. I would like to know if you have any videos on the foot brake cleaning and adjustment?? My 2013 grizzly 700 is pretty stiff, the foot brake will not actuate up and down. Any help by chance? Thanks Gus

  8. 14+ thousand miles on it and it's not but a few years old? Wow! Just where I live most quads are only around 2k maybe 4kmiles. I wouldn't buy one myself used with more than a couple thousand miles on the clock ?. Eastern Us just most bikes don't get alot of miles, woods riding mostly. However I'm sure there are bikes with 10k on them in much better shape than some I've mentioned with 2k on then. Guess it's neither here nor there. Cheers.

  9. Hey Andy. Nice video and explanation. I’m in Canada just north of Toronto. My quad is a 2013 chironex 550 bandito which I believe is a Chinese knock off of Yamaha. Engine looks like Yamaha. Only 620 km on the bike. Forward hi and lo engagement no issue. Reverse on the other hand has always been a “clunking” engagement and takes several attempts to get positive engage. When not fully warmed up it’s not uncommon for it to jump out of reverse when increasing throttle. Gets better when fully warmed up. Do u think it’s the shift selector rod needing adjustment. I’ll be a subscriber.Any thoughts..Thx in advance for any advice u could could provide. Keithkmrg

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