4×4 V8 S10 Blazer Sliding Through Deep Snow (Snow Donuts II)

Once again, lets take the V8 S10 Blazer out to the field to slide it through the snow! But this time, it is a foot deep! Will it slide? Will it get stuck? Will it stop working? “Kinda” is the answer to all three, but it sure is fun anyway!

Special thanks to Rob ( and Nettie ( for filming!

Date of filming: January 14th, 2019

Song List (Order of First Appearance):
0:00 The Engagement – Silent Partner
0:27 Pickup Truck – Silent Partner
1:38 Time Piece – Silent Partner

(All music provided by YouTube’s Audio Library royalty free.)

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  1. I believe it slipped out of four wheel drive from a loss of vacuum to the front diff actuator. Had 2.8 Jimmy of this vintage that would do this if I kept it over 2000-2500 rpm for about 20-30 seconds.

  2. I just joined the Blazer family with my first vehicle, a 2003 model blazer. Loving it so far but I’ve been having some trouble with shifting in and out of 4-wheel drive. Specifically, it shifts into 4-wheel just fine, but when I try to shift out, it takes multiple attempts that usually don’t work. Any tips for a newbie on what might be going on?

  3. I can't help getting the image in my head of an old dog who maybe isn't so spry anymore getting to run around in the snow and have a good time. The Blazer looked like it was having the time of its life. Good on you for letting them have fun. ^_^

  4. Put a paint on it, i feel sorry for that car. U learn alot from it. I ve just watched all the episodes with this chevy and damn those US motors are tricky to adjust. Cheers from Europe!

  5. Hey Didn't you put a 2" Body lift on ur Blazer by using Aluminum Pucs or something ?? If so, Where did you get them ?? Bc I've been looking for some and can't find them

  6. What year Jeep Cherokee has the solid steering shaft? Will this swap also work on a K1500 Z71?
    I have tried everything to get rid of the sloppy steering on my truck and nothing works.
    It still wants to wander especially when you hit a bump. I have tried remanufactured steering boxes and currently have a 3/4 ton HD steering box on it and the problem is still there.

  7. Man, I don't even own an S10, or ever have (I did own a K1500 blazer) and I just binge-watched the series for the second time…

    Get going on the 'bird, I've owned 4 of those… 😉

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