[Bashing 22t/50t Off-Road] The “KRATON VELOCITY” Project

After overheating numerous times using 30t/40t gearing off-road, I decided to drop it down to 22t/50t. Some footage was cut, but the run time was greatly extended before I started having issues.
Full Throttle is not always a good thing to seek depending on your gear ratio I recently realized from this run off-road on the stock motor and esc.



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  1. That just may be my downfall… I never added a heatsink or fan when I need to install both. 15-20 minutes of run and gunning it was fun. Luckily when I decided to call it a day, each cell was between 3.69 and 3.78 on both 3s lipos.

  2. How's that thing do with a 22t pinion. I figured that high of gear would be for speed runs. Everybody keeps saying even a 19t would be high on mines but I feel it can go even higher.

  3. I went with the Robinson racing again. I have 2 others but not using them till I put in the castle motor except for the 1 I just got I wanna beat that stock 44.4 mph run before I switch motors out but than in thinking I mean really is it still considered stock when your changing motor pinions, either way stock besides the pinion and cappack well see what she hits. I just picked up some more bottles of shock oil , liquid rc is selling the big 4 oz bottles of 45wt losi shock oil for $7 out the door. That's awesome compared to what I played for my other losi 4oz. Losi only makes their 4oz bottles in the lower weights up to 50wt, anything over 50wt only in the 2oz sizes. Least that's all I ever seen and I looked for the heavier wt. 4oz

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