Bumper Mounted Fog Lights And LED Tail Lights Install – Project Asian Redneck Ram #9

In this episode, i install rear reverse lights and reverse led lights from JDMastar

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  1. a few weeks back I started changing all my lights to led and hot damn does it make the car feel better and newer… I am extremely happy with my jdmastar lights (not everything I ordered was jdmastar… the rest came from luyed and hot damn is the combo nice)

  2. I also love LEDs. Just make sure the lights on the back are not on when your driving. I was blinded one night following behind a tow truck with some led lights pointing directly behind him blinding everyone lol. Another informative video man keep up the good work

  3. BleepinJeep made a good video on building a fuse box! Really cheap too and really simple. You should check it out. You could run all of the lights to specific relays and fuses in the separate fuse box which you can just attach to your battery. Run all the switches to the cab etc etc.

  4. you might want to install those bumper LEDs on a relay with the 12v from the reverse lights as a signal wire. pick up a 2 input switch so that all you have to do is run a 12v signal from your switch back when you get it. if you really want to go big you might just use your dome switch as the signal 12v.

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