Chassis Part 1: Design and Frame Build

In this first part of the chassis build, we cover the design of the chassis space-frame and build the chassis forward of the firewall.

How to Build a Racing Car follows the design and construction of the FVT05, a car built for the Australian Formula Vee racing series. The introduction can be found at

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Intercad ( who provided Solidworks for this project.

JKF Aero ( who assisted on the design of the bodywork and undertray.

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Licenced from Epidemic Sound (



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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have been looking for something like this for a while. I plan to build a formula car and this is amazing content and help!!!

  2. A tad fancier than the Formcars, Autodynamics and Zinks which proceeded it.
    Anyone ever get killed in an FV? Never heard of it. Saw Harvey Templeton race a Vee sometime. Before he invented the Zero roll Vee that got outlawed for everyone but him.

  3. im trying to design a formula vee car for a mod for assetto corsa and i cant find the mounting points and dimensions for the engine, front suspension, basically all the stock parts required for formula vee. can anyone lead me to measurements for these parts.

  4. You should eventually sell this as a kit if you can raise the money to start the manufacturing process. I would just sell all the tubes pre cut and labelled with the fiberglass tub and instructions

  5. Hello Simon,
    thanks alot for your effort filming and sharing this great piece of work! As to be seen in the video you use TIG. It would be great if you could say a few words on how you weld the tubes in detail. As far as I know the size of the T-joint welding bead effects the stability. Did you care about the size of the welding beads in simulation and implementation?
    And another short question: how this nice tube milling tool is called?
    Thanks in advance!

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