Cheap Off Road 4×4 Truck Project Series Update (PROJECT DURANGED)

1/17/2019 Update on whats going on with project DURANGED. Let me know in the comment section of what you would like to see done to this budget build 4×4 off road truck in the future videos.

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  1. I'd personally like to see that 12000lb HF Badlands brand wench. I hear that if you spend some time waterproofing the electronics on it, it performs very well. I think you can pick it up for about $500. Compared to a couple thousand dollar Warn wench, might be a worth while 4×4 investment.

  2. Do you have lockers? I was surprised how not much holds the D back, especially in snow. Definitely do Raptor liner. Also since it's strictly off road just turn your intake pipe straight up and drill a hole thru the hood and there's your snorkel. Add a box to it so the opening is facing the windshield to keep the water and mud away from it. Thanks for posting these videos, they give me inspiration and ideas to try things on my Durango. I have a '99 5.9. Oh one more thing, use RTV silicone and waterproof your wires in the engine bay so no other electrical components go out on you.

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