CJ To TJ Cheap Fender Swap! | Side Step Install CJ7

In this video the 350 swap CJ-7 gets a CJ to TJ rear fender conversion that uses cheap and easy to find TJ fenders to help get a ton of wheel travel over stock. We also install some rock hard 4×4 steel rock sliders and side steps on the Jeep!

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Doing Just Fine



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  1. I have the same problem with my cj my rear part of the wheel well is smashed in so far and I've been wanting to put fender flares on it as well and now I know where to cut. Loving the jeep content keep it up guys

  2. It's a jigsaw not a hacksaw and they make oversized fender flares for the CJ and use blue painters tape its much easier to remove and leaves a clean line if you're using it for painting stripes

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