Diesel Jeeps vs. Gas Jeeps: From Underwater to in-the-Dirt – Dirt Every Day Ep. 58

How does the Cummins Diesel Jeep Wrangler “Tubesock” compare to a gas-powered Jeep? On this episode of Dirt Every Day Fred Williams and guest host Cummins Steve transform Tubesock from a diesel-powered submarine Jeep to a trail and street Jeep, and then take it head-to-head against gas inline-six and V-8-powered Jeeps on both highway and dirt. How does the little four-cylinder diesel stack up against the tried-and-true gas-powered trail machines? And can Cummins Steve convince Fred and the viewers that they want a Cummins under the hood of their next off-road project truck? Watch now!

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  1. I like how you said you are down to 15 but there's no way you're 15 the tire flexes around the Rock like crazy at 15 maybe its the 37in Tire but i run 35 by 16 rim and 15 is perfect for no beed lock and seems to flex over anything

  2. I miss my JK so much. But…when life hits you like a ton of bricks, sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately, even if I do manage to get another Jeep in the future, my wife will never be able to join me for offroading and camping again. Just won't be the same.

  3. yes a 10000 cummins, plus another 3-5k to get it adapted and another 2 to install…. idk cummins its a hard pill to swallow

    and i HAVE a 4bt in my 93 f150

  4. The real comparison. How many miles of fuel savings before you see the cost of that swap is justified. We all know that 4.0 will go as far on a trail as the Cummins can.

  5. Gorgeous jeeps. I'd not spend the cash on a diesel unless I had A LOT of cash just sitting around. An extra 10k that you'd give for a diesel could pay for many many gallons of petrol

  6. He does have a point' i dont even want one any more just cause the thought of @ plastic oil pan ruined all the good feelings i had bout the 4 cil diesel ?

  7. Holy Molly mate I Figured it out there you guys in America pay $295 per Gallon for regular( petrol) Gas in the UK we Pay $860 Man we arre getting well ripped off Great Show though Lads

  8. Plastic oil pan and all that emissions garbage…no thanks. I would much rather have an LS or even the 4BT Cummins if I wanted a diesel in a jeep for some reason, which I don't.

  9. Diesel is 40-50 cents higher per gallon here, and with double the maintenance and repair costs of a gas engine and the huge upfront cost, I wouldn't even consider it. One less gallon used per 95 trail miles would never recoup that investment. This is coming from a guy that owns both diesel and gas powered tractors and trucks. It just doesn't make sense at all for a Jeep. The only way I would consider swapping a diesel into a jeep is if I somehow got a 4BT dirt cheap I might do it just for the cool factor. But you're never going to save money over a gas engine once you factor everything in…not these days anyway. Diesel fuel used to be cheaper than gas, but those days are long gone.

  10. Diesel is cool but I would take any of those jeeps. I am not biased when it comes to fun. This vid is a little bit biased like a commercial but everything is comertialized these days.

  11. I would love to know the price tag but if I wanted to put together my dream jeep, I think this engine would be when I drop in the build. Run it for 500,000 miles and still be getting 30 something miles a gallon I bet

  12. If you're running a diesel in California you should always be using Propel High Performance Renewable diesel. Huge performance boost, renewable, comparable in price and guaranteed safe in all diesel engines.

  13. V8's & 4BT's will dominate the Wrangler conversion market. Unfortunately don't see Cummins beating or matching V8's & 4BT's on price!

  14. Wouldn't the one with the soft top up have a slightly extra fuel consumption? I mean, it'll have a lot more drag on the highway.

    In any case, they all look very cool, and I don't know why the hate on the cage lol, I actually think it looks cool, and the 95 Wrangler had the coolest looking original cage. But that's just an opinion

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