DIY Custom Indestructible Bumper 2017 Ford Raptor

Thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel to see more! I had fun making this video. Like many Raptor owners, it’s an ongoing project truck. The steel company I work for is Red’s Iron Specialties. Having a shop to use will make my projects a lot easier. My truck will continue to evolve until I run out of ideas.




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  1. I like it. I could use it on my Ram. You should consider making and selling it. Get a patent quick. A lot of people saw your video. Last thing. Make it wider. The new Raptor and Ram 1500s have the rear exit tail pipe. Make it wide enough so that it's just inside the pipes so it doesn't block them. I'll buy the first one you make to fit a 1500 Ram. Last thing. Make the pin so it can be a locking pin or someone might steal it.
    Good idea for the bumper and that's a good looking truck.

  2. Very nice! I can't count the number of times I banged my shin in the receiver hitch on my '98 lariat f-250. I miss that truck and the '17 Raptor has given me the fever!

  3. Can't it do damage to the frame if it was hit? I understand the use for small bumps from a sedan but I feel like if you had frame damage a bumper would be a lot cheaper to replace.

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