Fiero Drive With Me | 1985 Fiero 2M4 Revival – Part 3

In this episode, the complete braking system is rebuilt so we can get this baby on the road. And then once the baby is on the road, CPS comes and takes it away because of “child endangerment”. So now that the baby is out of the picture, we have time to rebuild the Fiero’s brakes and get this car on the road.

I wanted to title this Twin Seats, but I don’t think that would’ve been enough since it wouldn’t really describe what the episode was about. But at least I could still say it here.

Brake Diagram:


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  1. Regarding the part of the video where I am talking to the camera about the clutch, I would like to apologize for that. I didn't realize how windy it was until I started editing. Sorry about all the noise!

  2. Glad to see someone your age actually interested in fieros and getting their hands dirty… excited about the next video… I can't wait to get another one…I've owned 2 of the gt…a 85 and 86 both black and both 4 speed manual which is xactly what I want… hopefully in the next few months

  3. This series reminds me of another series that I loved watching over the years. Check out MrHydrohead if you guys like this I think you'll like it. Its like a 20 part series over 8-ish years. I had to watch it in real time. Anyway, Ronald, you've earned my subscription. Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

  4. This video series kept popping up in my suggested and boy am I glad that I watched it! I own an 01 spyder and I've wanted a Fiero since I first saw one on my way to work! I've learned how to work on cars with my spyder, and your videos on this Fiero really have me wanting to look for one again and fix it up with my friends 🙂

  5. Loved the Fiero's when they were out. Never had one, but rode in a few. Thought they were really cool. I can't wait to keep on top of your progress with this car. Good luck… and awesome job. Randy McDaniels.

  6. in the early 90s my father got me one to sell and I wanted to keep it especially because of the speakers in the head rests back then they would sell for 5 to 700$ they all had pop up head light problems even back then you would have to stick a pen in one of the little 2 circles and spin counter clockwise until they pop up when you need to close them just hit the switch like normal to turn them off I know what I am talking about my family has been selling buying and selling cars for a 100 years and before that we were selling horses every man in my family is raised to get into the business if you would have took some grease and lube the brakes and calibers before you would have pulled it out of the mud and hit them with a sledgehammer you would have unceased the breaks those cars were considered a nightmare literally no one wanted to buy them

  7. "take it from behind and slip it into a hole; it doesn't matter which one."
    "it will start to make a different sound when it's all the way in."
    yes, my mind is all the way at the bottom of a gutter.

  8. Did you test the brakes at all before you set off screaming down the road? The video may have been speeded up but it certainly looked rather "enthusiastic" for a car with so many parts of unknown reliability. Still, you survived 🙂 I continue to be amazed that you can drive cars on the road in the U.S. without any tests of roadworthiness being required, so basically get a death trap out of a barn and drive it around. You have been responsible and rebuilt your brakes, but how many do?

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