How to design a Scrambler motorcycle

A short video here explaining how to design a cafe racer bike for yourself. Introducing you to the basics you need to look for as well as some inspiration on what parts to change to get your own custom look.

Here we start off with a standard Kawasaki KZ650, change the front forks, wheel, handlebars, then replacing the tank, changing the seat to a scrambler / brat style seat, then replacing the rear wheel and shocks.

PSD download available here:

Stickers available at


Filmed with Canon 70D

With 50mm 1.4 lens



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  1. I loved my 1980 KZ650 at the time. But 600cc machines have moved way beyond this. Better suspensions and redline has bumped from 9500 rpm to 13,500 rpm. No self respecting dirt bike should weigh over 250 lbs. or so. The KZ650 is 150 lbs. too heavy. It is much easier to turn a full on dirt bike into a streetable supermotard than a street bike into a dirt bike. Rust In Peace KZ650.

  2. Do you guys think that the fork and exhaust matter? I was thinking of building a scrambler/cafe racer from the mash seventy five, and I don't really have the money to change them. I thought about putting that cloth tape over the exhaust to make it black.

  3. Appreciate your effort, but seeing such a beautiful bike been ruined is a great pain to me. If someone wants to go off road, he should buy a dirtbike, something like an XR, not ruin a beautiful classy bike

  4. I'm very new, how can you just straight up remove the air filter box? Surely that would be detrimental to the performance/longevity of the bike?

  5. Mucho Thx! I really appreciate the choice of bike used for the video.
    I'm looking at 2000 ZR7 with only 2700 miles on it. Haven't decided which direction to go just yet. Again, thx for making these videos.
    Will Spider Watson in Az U.S.A.
    "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."
    – Psalms 33:12

  6. I have a question. What do you do with the air intake system after you've taken it off where it originally was? Where do you put it?

  7. Photoshop ok, but when you remove a part, what's under appear ! How do make this ? For example when you take the tank off we can see the frame
    Second question, where do you find parts pics with the right angle to test them on your design ?

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