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Hey guys, if you have ever done some work to the front end of your vehicle or rear end such as strut replacement, control arm, wheel hub bearing… you will need to set the correct camber for your wheel. If the camber is not correct it can make the car very unstable and even cause uneven tire wear.
We use this cheap tool, it is not the most precise tool but it does the job great If you want more accurate you will need a computer alignment. We demonstrated on a this Mazda CX-7 but it will be similar procedure for many vehicles.

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♦♦♦ Cameras & Gear Used For This Video ♦♦♦
Panasonic Lumix FZ300
Polaroid 72-inch

Polaroid Pro Video Condenser

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable

•Computer for editing
Lenovo ideapad 310

♦♦♦ Other Equipment and Gear that I use ♦♦♦

•Second Camera
Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405

•GoPro HERO5 Black

•Extra Computer For Editing
Lenovo Ideapad 510

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  1. Need to put the tool in a straight and level wall or visaversa calibrate the tool than use it , I have the same or similar it’s on the instructions then you can get your readings, hope it’s helps!

  2. Ppl complainig are pain in the @$$,, let this guy do his work,, u don't like him,,, don't watch him,,, jump to another video that easy,,,, good job fella,,,

  3. To be useful there need to be a way to determine if the ground is level under all the wheels at once. Without a laser level this is very hard to do.

  4. Only the front has to be level. So any bad Bushings. Springs. Shocks will screw the results. Why you have to measure the frame to ground clearance first. If it's out of spec. You're alignment is not set.

    I'm more worried about toe. As tie rods wear out and eat tires like candy!

  5. Great tool to use and I'm saying it by experience BUT some tips for everyone going of what I use to do with my drift car changing it from track to road.

    Most importantly make sure your ground is 100% level
    Jack your car up from the cross member or each wheel and place stands under a good spot that bares weight on your suspension on BOTH side of the car and lower the car onto the stands. You now have full weight on your car like you would if the wheel were still on. In the case of race cars or drift cars with rear adjustable camber put the whole car on stands baring all the weight on all four sections were you can put full weight on the suspension as if the wheels where still on the car.
    Make sure that all stands are at the exact same height if your not sure use a ruler or tape measure to check your stand height. Also make sure you place your stands in the exact same position on you car on both sides.
    Once all wheel are off the ground simply take your rims off place your camber tool on each wheel and adjust it until your hearts contempt.
    Please be carful when unbolting tight nuts or bolts and remember the car is fully dependent on the stands so make sure they are in a good spot and be safe. I always placed extra stands under the chassis barring no weight just incas. Hope this helps you guys but the tool is a great tool and works well when use right. Good luck and please like this comment so it stay up the top for everyone else to be able to use this tool correctly. If I missed anything please feel free to comment and teach me a few things

  6. My garage floor is not level so i use a 2 foot sguare and a tape measure.. not very acurate especially if you measure to the tires so i measure to the rim top and bottom.. a little math and yeah not great but gets me to the shop…

  7. The alignment shop I go to says they can't adjust the camber on my car; so I bought some camber bolts to replace my upper strut bolts but all the other instructions I found online said you needed alignment equipment to install them. That basically makes the camber bolts useless to me since I don't have the equipment, the method shown in the video may be a good solution to the problem though, but I think mine are off on both sides, right side is probably worse though because I glanced off a cement barrier the first summer I owned my car. The alignment has been scewy since then even with aligments at the shop my car pulls slightly to the right if I don't keep my hands on the wheel.

    The boots on my CV axle at the very least on the left side are busted so I also get vibration on the freeway at around 65mph that lessens if I stay on the freeway for a while. I also have some brake squeak and possible slight rotor warp on the right rear. Got to look into fixing all this soon as I borrow a jack and some stands.

    Thanks for the video this method might be worth a try; and since the place I have lifetime alignment at said they don't install camber bolts I don't want to go to a different place and have to pay to get them installed.

  8. No disrespect to you guys. I can't believe the angle you set on the rotor to knuckle is going to stay like that, the torque spec is 50-70 ft-lbs on those bolts and between the engine weight, suspension movement, bumps and the road pushing back how can that bolt possible hold to with in that tolerance?

  9. Hi there can anyone tell me I have a pajero 4×4 wagon 1992 it says 30 to 40 mins I have this tool on the vid but how do i find the settings on it. Nick

  10. To maintain camber when you change the struts, you should get the exact degrees when the car is jacked up with stands, after that remove the tire and change the struts, when complete check the camber degree, adjust it from its original degrees when you first checked the degree, while the car is still jacked up. This way you wont lose the camber alignment

  11. Почему этот идиот меряет по тормозам а не колесам?! А выработку на диске он учитывает? А вот хуй!

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