Iron Rock Off Road 4” Lift Kit Unboxing – Project XJ Overland Ep. 3

In this episode, we get started on lifting Project XJ Overland and show you the components that came in our Iron Rock Off Road 4” Premium Short Arm Lift Kit. We also bring you upto date on how much we have spent on the project so far and what is coming next. Be sure to stay tuned when we install this lift kit… lot’s more to come on this project!


IRO XJ 4″ Premium Short Arm Kit

Durability and comfort were the design elements we based this kit upon. Whether you are cruising the interstate at 75mph or driving on the boulders of your favorite trail, this kit delivers performance. On the street, you may forget the fact that you are driving a lifted XJ! Off road you’ll appreciate the ground clearance gains and the ability to run a larger tire size. 

1. Increased ground clearance
2. Run 32″ tires
3. Rubber bushings for great ride quality and flex
4. Hydro shock absorbers
5. Adjustable upper and lower control arms for easy castor adjustment.
Kit Includes:
• New front coil springs
• New add a leaf
• New adjustable boomerang shackles
• Adjustable Double Shear Track Bar
• Heavy duty track bar drop bracket
• Hydro shock absorbers
• Heavy duty adjustable lower control arms
• Heavy duty adjustable upper control arms
• Extended front sway bar links
• Transfer case drop kit
• All necessary hardware



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  1. If you are going to be rock crawling do black wall out.  If you aren't going to do rock crawling then white letters.  No point in putting white letters out if rock crawling, sidewalls will slide on rocks and tear up white lettering and look bad.

  2. White sidewall out. Go for the retro look. Also, I highly highly recommend getting some control arm drop brackets. The ride quality will be night and day better. And an adjustable track bar. I have a 98 XJ the same color btw.

  3. White letters out for sure. My old one had them on the back so it was black wall out and I hated it. So when I got my new jeep and put my new tires on I had to put the white letters out. Looks a lot cleaner and meaner.

  4. I just recently picked up a 2000 XJ and am planning on lifting it. Was looking at IRO long arm and rear coil setup, just not sure I need it. Also just looked at the Metalcloak lift. It is a daily driver and will see trails and mud. Any opinions?

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