Jack Daniels Whiskey Stand – DIY Metal Bender – Cool Rebar Art Project

Using our DIY metal bender, we take some flat stock, rebar, and round bar and make this DIY Jack Daniels whiskey stand. The Ramsey Customs DIY metal bender made quick work of this little project. project.Behind the Scenes Youtube Channel:

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  1. A suggestion if you want to get longer life out of you saw blades when cutting flat stock like you did lay material horizontal. More teeth engaged into material less likely to ruin blade

  2. Man I hope that no Jack was injured in the making of this video. Very nice display and a great idea. It would be really cool if somehow it was all held together like a puzzle or put a padlock on it.

  3. A follow up question to my previous remark regarding measurements in inches.
    I would like to purchase the Metal bender DIY Plans.
    I need to know if there's also measurement's in metric?

  4. Just joined your channel. Great content.

    Nice turn table. Wondering if you have to worry about arcing your bearings when tig or mig/stick welding?

    Keep up the content!



  5. Perfect gift for your pain in the ass brother-in-law. "Happy birthday! Here's a bottle of Jack you'll never be able to drink!"

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