Jeep Cherokee 4″ Lift Kit Install & Project Update – Project XJ Overland Ep. 5

In this video we summarize how the installation of the Iron Rock Off-Road 4″ lift kit on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ project. We also give you a sneak peak about what we will be installing in the next few days.

TrailRecon Amazon Shop:

IRO XJ 4″ Premium Short Arm Kit

Durability and comfort were the design elements we based this kit upon. Whether you are cruising the interstate at 75mph or driving on the boulders of your favorite trail, this kit delivers performance. On the street, you may forget the fact that you are driving a lifted XJ! Off road you’ll appreciate the ground clearance gains and the ability to run a larger tire size. 

1. Increased ground clearance
2. Run 32″ tires
3. Rubber bushings for great ride quality and flex
4. Hydro shock absorbers
5. Adjustable upper and lower control arms for easy castor adjustment.
Kit Includes:
• New front coil springs
• New add a leaf
• New adjustable boomerang shackles
• Adjustable Double Shear Track Bar
• Heavy duty track bar drop bracket
• Hydro shock absorbers
• Heavy duty adjustable lower control arms
• Heavy duty adjustable upper control arms
• Extended front sway bar links
• Transfer case drop kit
• All necessary hardware



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  1. Still a great video. Better that your sons should learn than worry about making a perfect how to video. Besides going over the lessons learned makes it quicker and more interesting IMO than just a boring how to.

  2. I love this project. As a father of two boys ages 7 & 11 I hope I can do this with them someday. We do lots of rc "wrenching" together now but this is truly amazing. Your a great dad.

  3. I'm getting the same lift kit but don't know much about everything yet. I was wondering if I will have to change the position of the driveshaft and/or differentials? Or just get new ones?

  4. Love this set of videos. Watching this one about the lift made me strip off an old 3" lift that I had on my 95 XJ and put on a new Rough Country 4.5 lift. Thank you so much for the videos. Keep up the good work.

  5. I've found your videos on the XJ really interesting. I'm in South Africa and want to use an XJ for doing a bit of Trans Africa exploring with my sons. I'm looking on Gumtree (Our equivalent of Craigslist} for a really nice vehicle. Take care. Derrick

  6. Hey brad, I just bought my first xj today and I'm so excited to get some mods on it and I'll definitely be watching the xj Overland series a lot to get some inspiration for my jeep. I hope it'll turn out at least half as good as this one has. Keep up the awesome videos

  7. I did the same thing for those rear shocks all my bolts broke, and picked up an air hammer at harbor freight and used the wire trick for the new bolts was so glad I found that, I had a buddy who said you had to cut panels in the floor to access them, always pays to check the forums haha. Great video.

  8. Did you experience any driveline issues after your install? Any vibrations when letting your foot off the gas pedal at highway speeds? I did the Rubicon Express 3.5" lift and I couldn't even roll my jeep around because the U-joints were angled so much it wouldn't turn. I did the 1" transfer case drop and it seemed to help but I still get the "out of phase" roar when driving at highway speeds. Looks like a SYE project is in store for me.

  9. I know this is a year later but you should have re used your shock covers. It helps keep your shocks in goo condition especially if you do a lot of trailing. Helps keep dirt out.

  10. Great video! I own a 98 xj and the previous owner installed a 3" lift kit and I'm unsure of the manufacturer. It rides really stiff around town. How would you rate the stiffness/comfortablility of your ride after you installed this kit?

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