Jeep Cherokee – Project XJ Overland – Introduction

Project XJ Overland is a completely stock 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4×4 model XJ. We bought this XJ to build as an expedition rig that we can take on long treks and have some creature comforts like a roof top tent, storage, refrigerator and more. My twin boys will be using this as a daily driver, but then when the weekend comes, they can follow me and work on their off-road skills.

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Just a few things we are planning:
Full engine tune-up
Replace most of the worn suspension components
3.5” Lift Kit
33” Tires
New Rims
Roof Rack
Front Bumper with Winch
Rear Bumper with a Tire Carrier
Storage compartments
Stereo and Speaker upgrades
Off-road lights and maybe a light bar
And much more!



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  1. Ok this should be pretty RAD to watch, I just found the channel and am MTBer and Camper. I am also just starting to get into the overland scene and am think of doing my own project since my wife I;m sure doesn't me me messing around with her 2010 Ford Expedition Limited EL. LOL!!! But, really looking at something to get the three of us out in the woods. I also have watched little bits of other videos and noticed you have said military. So are you retired military? I am retired US Army SFC 11B,16/42A,4 (back issues). I grew up in SoCal (Riverside & Rancho Cucamonga), now in NorFlo. wife is from here. Enough of me, I am totally digging the channel and keep bring the great content. Also remember to Live-Life-Loud!!

  2. My dad and I were going to buy an xj that was already lifter and modified for 2,500 but it was a 1989 and isn't fuel injected so we didn't buy it. Was that a mistake?

  3. You make it sound like its a junker. Looks pretty good for the age. Love these old jeeps they are the last of the reliable years till 2001. Thanks for sharing your project!

  4. This is Awesome! I plan on making an overland out of my old XJ…. check out my new 2000 XJ limited I scored for $2400 with only 88k mikes – my build is documented on instegram @project_danh . Good luck brother!

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