Junkyard 1956 Buick Hack! – Roadkill Ep. 53

People love it when we rescue old cars from the junkyard. We’ll see what happens when they see this episode of Roadkill presented by Dodge, during which we literally hack a ’56 Buick Century out of a thorn bush it’s been sitting in for 25 years, then continue slashing as we attempt to mount the body on a ’73 Corvette chassis. Oh yeah, we hacked up that car, too. Watch for more Sawzalls, weed whacking, and plasma cutting per minute than any other episode of Roadkill.

Roadkill on the MOTOR TREND channel.

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  1. Was that a nest of spiders in the corvette?! Ugh lord.. i remember when they bought pigpen for 2grand and even than junk was almost worth it… i bet he wanted 2 grand for that chassis with no doors glass roof or front clip… he will die and all of those cars will be lost if they arent already. And their titles and namesakes.

  2. I bet a 100k that roadrunner hasnt moved in 20 years, still hasnt moved yet, and never will. Its just sad. Its not even like some of these cars were junk when they were parked. They were probably parked cause their batteries died and no one bothered to replace them, so there they sat for decades.

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