Land Rovers Off Road @ Gold Coast

4 Land Rovers having some off road fun on the Gold Coast QLD Australia. Ormeau Hills offers some good trails with some steep climbs and rock crawling steps.

The line up includes
Discovery 1 2 Door V8
Discovery 1 4 Door 300tdi
Defender 110 TD5
One Ten County 4BD1T

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  1. My favourite local spot ?shame they closed off alot of the tougher side tracks off the main track but still plenty of fun about for a day if you look hard enough?

  2. If you are where I think you are,there is a lot of politics involved here,and a lot of the tracks end up on private property,and the owners are tired of rigs turning up on their place any time of the day or night.
    But all that aside,hoping you really enjoy your visit,thanks for the video??

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