New Terrain: The Baja Project Episode 1

Check out the first installment of New Terrain: The Baja Project to find out how Valvoline got started on its journey to compete in the Stock-Full class of the 2016 Baja 1000. Scroll down for more and stay tuned for episodes 2 through 5! Make sure to visit to check out more exclusive Baja videos and stories about our journey to Baja.



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  1. I would think a company as big as Valvoline would have a truck built that got airtime to promote their standard oil. Those rides are built from scratch with chromoly tube steel frames and race suspention from chromoly as well. All performance power, cooling, brakes and suspention not made by manufactures for sale by the dealerships. They put a fiberglass body without doors etc.. on it that resembles the factory truck and sponsers put their name on it. Without you must be in a class of less performance and $$ that has little airtime/advertising as well in other classed race groups. Still a challenge and fun but Valvoline? Maybe the only classes that will not be allowed use their oil in a 1000 HP race engine.

  2. I own an 89 W250 and love it. That was the first year for the 5.9 Cummins (which I don't have, I have the 360 V8). The truck here looks earlier, like 81-86 W150

  3. Seen this truck a few months ago here in Kentucky in Lexington and trying to get some pics of it but it was passed me before I knew it wish I could have got closer up to it

  4. Ill tell you how to beat that. Instead of just building it. Driving it would be way cooler. Valvoline help me build a drift car so i can drift for you. You know where to find me. Store 75

  5. Uh yeah, bring all those people in to strip a truck, people from all over the world, and people from supply chain. What a fucking clusterfuck disaster that would be. Clusterfuck Disaster

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