Not Your Typical Off Road Axle

This is a highlight video of one of our custom axle projects. It was a very unique project. Thanks for watching.
Axle Specs-
Torq 4 Inch Chromoly TIG welded housing
Torq Super-14 10.5 Race Spec Differential
TTF Billet 1350 Yoke
40 Spline ARB Air Locker
ProAm Racing 3.25 Trophy Truck Hubs & Brakes
WideOpenDesign Fabricated Knuckles
RCV 40 Spline Axle Shafts
Howe Trophy Truck Rack & Pinion
Built by Torq Motorsports

This video was produced by KrawlZone TV.
Special thanks to these guys.
They do fantastic work. #krawlzone #liveepic #torqaxle #torqmotorsports



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  1. What gears is this housing running? 10.5 GM corp or 11.5 AAM? Obviously you're saving tons of wieght, but how does it hold up in strength versus something like a 14-bolt/05+ super 60 outter setup that most hardcore guys run? Super 60s are pushing 1550 U-joints, 35-spline 1.625" shafts, and 50 degree steering, couple that with the know strength of a factory cast 14-bolt housing and you have quite the combo with all off the shelf items available at any ford/dodge dealership across the continent.

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