Off Road Lifted CR-V Project 1

stay tuned for more updates check out my channel other builds going on, sub, like or what what u want lol stay tuned bros!! There are 8 parts to this video after this check them out!!!



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  1. Hi I have the same problem with rust on the rear ripper like it as it carved Spit and I want to know tell me how would I then threw naspet the original plastic hems? well thank you.

  2. Hey man, thanks for taking the time and posting a video of your work. I've been wanting to see what happen when you trim the fender and how I know, there'll be a big gap that needs to be welded back together. Hopefully you'll make another video of the before and after the weld so I can get some idea of how it looks. Thanks again!!!

  3. the good thing about spacer is you retain stock ride quality which is pretty good, if you went with OME or Dobbson coils the CR-V rides like crap.. Good choice on tires most folks go way to aggressive.. Did you get the spacers from the company on CO?(forget the company name).

  4. Interested in lifting my 2006 and getting into some low level overlanding and off-roading. What would you recommend doing? It's my first project car and I'm not sure where to start.

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