my sister wanted a jeep wrangler so bad, i told her why not lift your CRV. i guess she liked the idea lol.



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  1. Old post I know but, interesting and looks good. Yeah it's not a Wrangler but, would be good for ground clearance in simple off road camping, snow driving etc. I like it.

  2. I have two of these exact CRV and would love to do this with it. I think the larger tires are tall and going to strain the drivetrain right? Is there any way to put in a better gear ratio to keep engine happy? I don't think gears can be changed on these things, unfortunate. I do have a 5 speed in it though.

  3. I would be tempted to gut the rear and weld in a Ford axle, lmao…. then you could drop the gears and keep the drive train happy with those taller tires. CRV…..nothing at all can be done to change gears. At the minimum I'd only over tire a 5 speed manual CRV….At least then you could just run it in 4th all the time….. They look so awesome jacked up tho….

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